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  • Boom Beach: No HQ 23 in the Works Claimed by Supercell

    Over on the reddit forums, an official FAQ went out on the new Builders talking about their decision making process for adding Builders to the game. One particular nugget of information though was that they also admitted that they were not immediately working on an HQ 23, although in the future they might. What does…

  • Boom Beach: Imitatation Game Pontifications and Progress Update

    I’m going to split this blog into two posts; one will be my current experience and thoughts behind the latest Hammerman event called the Imitation Game and another on my progress on both my accounts for the game.

  • The New KeithWatanabe.net is Alive

    My old blog site is still up as an archive of my 7 or so years blogging. However, I’ve decided to retire the code because of the difficulty of maintaining that code base (especially considering that wordpress seems to be a better fit). So this will be the home to the newer version and be…