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  • Shaw Brothers The Shaolin Temple Movie Review

    I haven’t done one of these in a while but recently re-watched The Shaolin Temple online. It’s one of my favorite Shaw Brothers classic movies, even though, in truth, it really wasn’t a great movie. The key thing about this movie was the all star cast, which features almost all the top names under the […]

  • Shaw Brothers Marco Polo Movie Review

    Just re-watched the Shaw Brothers Marco Polo movie for the umpteenth time and it never fails to entertain. Around this period, the Shaw Brothers had Chang Cheh spearheading many of the classics and this was no exception. This movie served as a vehicle for pushing the Lizard, Kuo Chui, into the spotlight while acting as […]

  • Shaw Brothers Five Shaolin Masters Movie Review

    I haven’t done one of these Shaw Brothers movie reviews in a while and decided to write about my favorite Shaw Brothers movie of all time: The Five Shaolin Masters. While I had seen other Shaw Brothers pictures prior to this one, of them all, this movie made the most impact on me. I probably […]

  • Shaw Brothers Blood Brothers Kung Fu Movie Review

    This movie pretty much is the power trio of David Chiang, Chen Kuan-Tai and Ti Lung in their prime with Chang Cheh really coming into his own. It’s a historical/period piece focused on the rise and fall of Ma Hsin I, played by Ti Lung. It’s done as a retrospective where Chang Wen Hsiang, David […]

  • Shaw Brothers Vengeance Kung Fu Movie Review

    As a young child, I often watched the old Black Belt theater on channel 11 out here. At the time, I didn’t know them by name, but I would watch Shaw Brothers martial arts movies on Saturday afternoons and later switch to Kung Fu theater on channel 9 later in the evening. However, the Shaw […]