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  • Aliens: The Perfect Movie or Inherently Flawed?

    Every year, I watch the classic James Cameron movie Aliens as a sort of nod towards reminding myself why I got into creative writing in the first place. Also, it’s simply one of the best movies of all time and possibly my favorite. However, on this viewing, a few things stuck out to me that […]

  • Symfony 2: Annoying Issue with Data Transformers, DateTime, Timezones and PHP.ini

    I spent almost the entire day going through the low level code of Symfony 2 trying to determine a really obscure error with my code. The issue started from dealing with using a Time type for one of my columns and having the form validate it appropriately. Unfortunately, the error message that bubbled up did […]

  • Amazon EC2 Load Balancer: Out of Service Message

    Let’s say you’re setting up a load balancer for your instances in Amazon’s EC2. After you create your load balancer and assign it your instances, you may see on the Health Check tab “Out of Service”. The way you get rid of it is by clicking on the “Edit Health Check” link. Inside, you will […]