Path of Exile: Mid-Term Betrayal League Review

It’s about mid-season for Betrayal league and I managed to pull through, despite some of the earlier set backs. I would say that the holiday season hurt a bit just because the developers weren’t able to quickly address some of the issues in moving past league features into core. That said, I’ve stuck with the game and decided to write up my current situation.

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Path of Exile: Delving for the New Player

Recently, I’ve seen a huge influx of new players over on Twitch for Path of Exile. While it is an exciting time to be a Path of Exile fan, it can be a frustrating time for the new player as well as veteran players barely able to contain holding their tongue while they watch new players make pretty severe mistakes. The Delve league itself, while not horribly tough, does require a reasonable amount of time to understand the basic mechanics. If you started late in the game, then some of those mechanics can be pretty unforgiving. Hence, I wanted to write up an article based on my experience as a mid-experience player and how I would have approached this league a little better in retrospect, especially with the new league starting soon.

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Path of Exile: Will Betrayal Be The Tipping Point For The Game and GGG?

I just saw a video where they showed Asmongold reacting quite favorably towards the newest announcement of Path of Exile: Betrayal. He was talking about how this upcoming league might cause him to switch from being a pure World of Warcraft streamer to a variety streamer (if not at least Path of Exile for the league). Similarly, GiantWaffle just started playing the new Delve league today possibly in anticipation for the upcoming league. In addition over on Twitch, there has been a great deal of new players, many of whom are ex Diablo 3 players. While that’s going on, Diablo 3 will be getting a minor seasonal update with some small rebalancing (read: higher numbers). Many indications are pointing that this upcoming league, we may see GGG and Path of Exile go much more mainstream.

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