How to Properly Use An Ad Blocker

One of my biggest pet peeves is the return of the popup subscription box. Unlike the old popup/pop-under style Javascript boxes, you cannot easily prevent these from showing up. Usually, they are the incarnation of some desperate content site who will sell your email address to a hundred other soulless spam bots to keep their pathetic sites running. Worse yet, beyond these terrible annoyances that are flooding the web of click bait sites, you often times have numerous trackers, intrusive ads and hidden content that loads without your knowing nor permission. Many Ad Blockers these days just prevent the most dubious sites from phishing you or installing worms into your system. However, their subscription list often times are bought and paid for by the aforementioned groups, so there’s really little protection you can easily get without customizing your blocker. For those of you who actually care about not being tracked and having a cleaner web experience, this article is for you.

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