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  • LinkedIn: Interesting Post on Individual Contributors vs Management Pay and Importance

    A previous coworker linked an article written about effectively elevating the importance of the individual contributor. The key points were to recognizing the importance of the role through increasing the pay scale as opposed to encouraging that type of person into moving into a managerial role, which has been the traditional way one continues to […]

  • Advice For Computer Science Majors Facing Tough Environment

    Another article I found off of LinkedIn that’s worth me commenting on is “Comp sci majors face tough job market.” Right now, the tech job market is comparable to 2001 where recent graduating students in the engineer related field might be facing stiff competition as major tech companies are laying people off while some companies […]

  • 2023 Big Ideas In A Changing World

    There was a LinkedIn article that caught my eye earlier today called “41 Big Ideas that will change our world in 2023.” While perusing it, I found parts of the points made to be relevant and wanted to comment on those pieces here. What I found interesting was that some of those points in the […]

  • WWE: Vince McMahon Jr Retires at 77 Years of Age

    Anyone who grew up with the WWF(E) and had been following it for decades like myself will have been in shock at Vince McMahon’s announcement over his retirement yesterday. Quite honestly, this might be the biggest news in the pro-wrestling for at least a decade and maybe more as Vince pretty much was one of […]

  • How Disallowing Remote Work In A Post-Pandemic World Will Be The Measuring Stick of Company Culture

    A friend of mine posted an Instagram story about how a manager justifying his position through the removal of remote work. Half-jokingly, I remarked about how the image reminded me of a meme of a shared manager we had in the past. Yet the post aimed to demonstrate an implied lack of empathy that middle […]

  • Is A Tech Union in the Works Finally?

    I just saw an article posted on the LA Times regarding the potential unionizing of the game and tech industries. In particular, Campaign to Organize Digital Employees (or CODE) “is a new project of the Communications Workers of America aimed specifically at unionizing video game and tech companies.” This has a lot of implications for […]

  • Why Online Content (Publishing) is A Shitty Business Model

    Earlier, I read an article that talked about how Medium will do a pretty big layoff and close a few offices around the country. Medium describes itself as a publishing platform and allows people to “have their voices heard.” Yet from a superficial viewpoint, I can’t see what their platform does that a simple WordPress […]

  • Why Your Ad Systems Suck Ass

    I’ve been reading more articles on why advertisers want to start changing the rules on their systems as a result of the rise of ad blockers. While most people get the idea from a high level, the real issue is that the advertisements themselves suck, the way they display suck and most are fucking irrelevant. […]

  • The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Hiring

    Recruiters are aidzcancer. They are nothing more than 2nd hand leechers profiting off of companies’ inability or unwillingness to properly screen and locate candidates. Instead, what happens is that you get a bunch of people that companies still have to screen that are marketed to the company for an unreasonable fee. Essentially, they’re legalized pimps. […]

  • Twitter Authentication/Connect Useless?

    I had to do a project using both Facebook and Twitter authentication for single sign-on. While Facebook had some traction, I found that Twitter was barely in use. Perhaps, less than 0.03% of the users used that feature. After reading some forums early on, I learned that many companies opt not to use Twitter for […]