Diablo 4: Meatball Sorcerer (Fireball/Meteor) Build

With the XP blessing bonus, I decided to create a new Sorcerer since I had a good chunk of gear for what’s been called the Meatball build. This build combines two related builds with Fireball and Meteor together. I’ve heard good things about this build since it helps some of the weaknesses from the two skills out by complimenting the other. Since I only made the transition late today, I wanted to discuss what the build entails.

This build is quite unique heavy as you will be using the following items:

  • Starfall Coronet
  • Gloves of the Illuminator
  • Raiment of the Infinite
  • X’Fal’s Corroded Signet
  • Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop
  • Esu’s Heirloom / Flickerstep

Right now, I’m running Esu’s Heirloom but probably will end up switching to Flickerstep. Esu’s Heirloom just makes you feel quick and you do a ton of damage with it. However, this build does suffer from mana starvation at times so you’ll need to decide which makes more sense for your build. Also, while I would prefer to use a Staff of Endless Rage, you’re really bumping into a wall when it comes to having enough slots open (which is why I’d argue giving Druids, Necromancers and Sorcerers a stat stick spot would help in this regard).

For my paragon board, I’m using the Meteor one found on the maxroll.gg site. I tried using one from another site but there was no leveling version. So in the end, I just decided that the Meteor would probably end up being similar enough. I might swap back at level 100 but I’ll need to level a few glyphs up to 15 first to take advantage of the min-max’d board.

I’ve put more emphasis on Meteor at the moment. For instance, I use Meteor as one of my enchants alongside Frozen Orb (which does some nice damage and gives a small boost to Tal Rasha’s ring). Beforehand, I was using Fireball but my Meteor has far more levels. So I’m going to try that as one of my enchantments and compare the results. I think Fireball had been doing quite well so I might go back eventually.

Single target isn’t bad so far. My construct keeps vulnerable up but I’m not as cooldown dependent with Meteor being another source of damage. That’s where Flickerstep might end up being better because I’ll have more resources. I did not factor Tibault’s Will into this build simply because there’s so few areas where I can obtain elemental resistance so having normal boots is a big thing. Otherwise, I could swap out the Raiment for Tibault’s Will. That should boost my overall damage but I lose out on pulls. I did a few Butcher fights and they weren’t bad.

The big thing to make this build work is a low cooldown on the Starfall Coronet for Meteor. You also want general cooldown since your Meteors become a cooldown ability. But with Fireball being available you get another major damage source while your Meteors are on cooldown. It won’t as powerful without the Staff of Endless Rage but it could be good for cleanup and downtime.

Overall, I’m enjoying the build. The only thing is leveling my glyphs. Thanfully, Adept was already getting a push so I just need to finish more of them.

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