Diablo 4: 3rd Level 100 Character

I finished up my druid today with regards to leveling him to 100. I used dungeons to both level him and his glyphs. I still need a few more glyphs to be leveled to 15 (for the radius effect). However, for the time being, I decided to cool it so I could focus on a different project.

The next major project I started to work is getting Lidless Wall for my Necromancer. I went through 100 blood and got nothing. Pretty disappointing especially because that fight is a bit painful on this Necromancer. That said, I managed to find another Bone Spear essence ring so I decided to just keep that around. Also, I found a higher level helmet for the Bone Spear build. Along the way of leveling my Druid, I managed to drop a Banished Lord’s Talisman. Unfortunately, this one wasn’t an item power 925 but I still figure it’s useful for my Necromancer.

I haven’t really decided whether or not I want to take my Necromancer to level 100 just yet. I ended up creating a Firewall Sorcerer after deleting my Eternal Realm one. So I might start leveling her as I have all the gear in WT3 and WT4 and it’s mostly just an experimentation thing. There’s also my poor rogue just sitting around, lonely and bored. Honestly, if there was a better build than Twisting Blades or other uniques that could make the build better (outside of Timbault’s) then I would switch over. I know there’s a poison build that works with X’Fal’s but I’m not motivated to make the change. From what I read that might be the Uber Lilith killer build.

Another thing I’m going to start working on is more mat farming for Duriel. I started running more Helltides and focus farming the Living Steel boxes. On one of the turns, I managed to acquire 15 Living Steel. Once I hit a stack of 50 in my stash, I’ll make another go for Grigoire. Also, I need to farm up Varshan for the other summoning mats. Regardless, I need to take a break from leveling in Nightmare Dungeons especially with the limited amount of time for farming Uber Uniques.

From the stats I’ve seen, I think it can take up to 600+ runs before a person ever sees a Shako or some other Uber Unique. I want to see how many runs I can do on my own but I doubt that I’m going to get the really good stuff.

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