Diablo 4: Duriel on Farm

This morning I used up my remaining materials for farming Duriel. From that, I managed to pick up two Tibault’s Will and two Godslayer Crowns (and a few other uniques). From that I transitioned my Sorcerer into full Ball Lightning, respec’ing her tree and am in the process of leveling up her glyph. With that achieved, I’ve found Duriel so much easier and started working on my alts.

As I had managed to find a second Tibault’s Will, I ended up giving that to my Barbarian (and my Druid, more on that later). That piece of gear ended up being a huge difference maker as my damage now is much higher due to the combination of the Unstoppable effects combined with the 50 resource generation, which makes Hammer of the Ancients do one really nice blow when your cooldowns are all lined up. However, there is a small downside where my Barbarian does not have really good boots since I lack the +4 evasion charge. So for the moment, I’m a bit limited in the number of times I can evade quickly. That said, it’s not the end of the world as those boots do have some cooldown from attacks to evasion. It’s just that they won’t be as quick to respond compared to a +4 version. In addition, I pushed her to level 100, which means I’ll be able to start farming Duriel on her next. Pretty much I’ll be looking for both the Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty along with the Banished Lord’s Talisman to complete the main build, at least until I am able to find some Uber Uniques like a Shako, Grandfather and/or Doombringer.

With my Barbarian hitting level 100, I decided to use my Druid to start farming up more Mucous Eggs since I also wanted to transition him to the Stormclaw build. I estimate that it took roughly 10 tries before the Greatstaff of the Crone to drop. In the meantime, a few of the Airidah’s Inexorable Wills dropped as well as an Insatiable Fury. Unfortunately, the Greatstaff of the Crone was very poorly rolled (low end for the + to Claw skill). However, I have made the build functional for the moment and am currently leveling up his glyphs since most of the stuff for Pulverize is irrelevant for this build (only one Glyph was useful but it was something I had been leveling up beforehand). As per usual when you go from 0 – 100 with a build, the Stormclaw build felt a bit awkward. However, with a few glyphs slightly leveled and some practice, I would say that I’m 80% there in terms of getting a feel for the build. My one weakness is maintaining Unstoppable through Metamorphosis because this build does not require resources for the most part (except Shred which is exclusively used for movement speed). So you have to remind yourself to periodically hit space bar to maintain it. Otherwise, it’s very easy to get CC’d.

That said, I like the build so far. I think compared to Pulverize, the Stormclaw build feels more spammy/clicky but you have more control over the damage output. Because I use Airidah’s Inexorable Will ring, I do end up pulling a large group together especially on elites. But I think I’m losing damage because I’m not using the Overcharge aspect. I might have to play with that part a lot more if I manage to find a better ring. I simply wanted to try another Malignant ring (especially because a ton dropped for me). Also, I ended up compensating a bit on the +Claw skill by using the Insatiable Fury. At this stage, I think I’m fine with it just because my staff is rolled so poorly. But once I get my glyphs leveled up, I might switch out the chest and ring.

That leaves my Necromancer and Rogue as my undergeared/underleveled classes. I think if I can get my Druid to level 100, I might finish up my Necromancer (one of them). I did find an Exposed Flesh aspect but it was a normal legendary. I figured that given the horrible drop rate for that aspect, I would simply save it until I get my secondary Necromancer into WT4. Until then I might just see how far I can take my Blood Surge Necromancer.

The rogue is someone I want to experiment with but am not sure what to do exactly. I think with the X’Fal’s ring and Penitent Boots, I could rearrange some aspects and gear to do a poison version of the build. So it might be a really good boss killer. I’ve seen poison Rogues annihilate Uber Lilith before she can phase but I think I would get too frustrated with that fight. Maybe if that character had a Doombringer too then the fight would be super trivialized. However, at this stage I don’t see myself doing that fight. There really isn’t any incentive for doing a badly scripted fight with no reward.

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