Diablo 4: All Five Classes in WT4

The last of my main seasonal characters (my necromancer) finally made it until WT4 today. I pushed my Rogue a few nights ago and got her to level 84. Then I returned to my Druid and fixed his tree this weekend and leveled him a bit. Now, I decided to at least get one more character in WT4 which was my Necromancer.

The irony of the order in which I leveled my characters is that I actually started the season with my Blood Surge Necromancer. Because the single target hadn’t been good, I ended up switching to another class (Sorcerer) where I found the perfect class. But now that I’m finishing up the season, I decided to return to my OG Necromancer just to see how far I could take her. With some optimizations in gear, including getting the awesome new Necromancer Malignant ring, I managed to down Elias without any trouble. Just before doing Elias, I went in and farmed Varshan a bit to get the ring. Because Varshan turned out to be fairly easy with the single target and bossing experience to be similar to my Druid’s Pulverize build, I decided to just stick with her for Elias.

Already in WT4, I managed to find an upgrade to that ring, for which I’ll probably hand over to my Bone Necromancer. I’m not sure if I’ll do more with my Bone Necromancer just because I’ve had an impossible time locating that Bone Spear essence ring. At this stage, I think I’m better off trying to farm a Shako or some uber unique by comparison.

Regardless, Blood Surge is turning out better than I had hoped. I think Bone Spear would’ve been better with a combination of that unique ring and the essence ring. Otherwise, Blood Surge just feels better all around. The AoE and tankiness of the build makes the experience far better than Bone Spear Necromancer, at least for me until I can improve some gear. Perhaps, by unlocking WT4, I’ll eventually find that ring.

On a similar note, for my Druid, I managed to discover an Ancestral version of Vasily’s Prayer in a dungeon. That made me really happy since that means I won’t have to farm Varshan for a while. I still need to upgrade my chest though but that can wait. I would farm Varshan for the Staff in case I want to transition into Stormclaw. I just don’t see a point at this stage. More than likely, if I want to swap builds, it’ll be Tornado since I have the helmet for that too.

For my Rogue, I also got lucky by finding an Ancestral Condemnation. I think I have the Penitent Greaves but I’m holding off on those for now. I have a variety of resistances I might need to shuffle around before I can swap. But it’s something I eventually want to try.

Then there’s my Barbarian whom I had been playing infrequently. But she’s getting quite high in levels and I decided to farm out her ancient unique ring. Varshan proved reasonably easy. It took a few tries but eventually I got the ring. So now she’s completely Ancestral in gear but far from optimized/best-in-slot. I will need to farm out Grigoire for the other half of the components to take on Duriel. I might end up doing that on my Druid just because I need a unique chest piece from Grigoire. However, the  actual Duriel fight will be with my Sorcerer. I’m hoping to acquire a Tibault’s Will and Banished Lord’s Talisman just because I can trade those around initially.

I think during the break, I’m going to continue pushing my Barbarian to 100 and Druid too. Druid would be good because I want to swap to Stormclaw down the line. There is a small temptation to create another druid but the leveling process sucks for Druids compared to other classes, even though I do have the staff waiting around. The other possible class I might re-launch is another sorcerer just because I have a dud in Eternal realm that I can wipe out and recreate. Part of me wanted to try the Firewall spec. But it just does not compared to Ball Lightning nor Arch Lash. Really can’t wait until the break. Kinda want to just do nothing and play games.


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