Diablo 4: Wishing The XP Event Was Extended

I have to admit that I ended up being a deadbeat this past weekend. Usually, around the holidays, I get depressed just because I have no family nor friends to hang around. And since I haven’t gone on a real vacation since September and needed a few days off to relax, I decided to just be a bum, eat terrible and play Diablo 4. As a result, I took advantage of the XP event and pushed one character to level 100. But it really made me wish that this event would last longer than the Thanksgiving break.

At the last post, I think I was in the middle of debating whether to try to farm up a key aspect for my druid to take on the WT4 Capstone Dungeon. Turns out, that was a waste of time and that my Pulverize build did quite well. Elias was timely deleted and I was able to progress comfortably into WT4 with my Druid. I think the downfall of the Pulverize build is that once you get the two key uniques of the Insatiable Fury and Vasily’s Prayer, it’s hard to get rid of them upon entering WT4. I will eventually have to farm those two from Varshan and Grigoire. I will say that if the Greatstaff of the Crone drops, I’m going to switch over to the Stormclaw build. Unfortunately, I’ve read that many people in WT4 have a rough time dropping one of these. So I’ll probably just end up farming Nightmare Dungeons and Helltides and specifically target farm chest and helmet pieces until something unique drops.

Also, I started to play my second Necromancer again. I switched things around in swapping Bone Storm to minions (skeletons to be specific). I honestly don’t see that huge of a jump and might just completely sacrifice them for Corpse Tendrils since I realize I had a wasted aspect sitting around on my amulet. But the real thing that helped me was discovering I had a bunch of item power 600 gear just sitting around in my stash, some of it being Necromancer gear. Once I upgraded everything and fixed up my spec, I hit the Zir vampire encounter and knocked him down pretty easily. I left off at level 48 because I got bored and was tired. However, I’m going to try pushing my Necromancer this evening (possibly depending on how the call to jury duty goes) to WT3. I really want to make use of that level 60 Deathless Visage I have in my stash. Again, this is where I wish the XP event was still continuing just so that I could have more time playing around with this Necromancer.

Now, that I’ve gotten Elias down three times, I am considering pushing my rogue too. There’s just less motivation from me because the gearing strategy isn’t very interesting to me. Most of the so-called end game gearing involves just farming a single boss rather than being able to explore different builds. With Rogue, there’s only one build that does well but the strategy for playing one gets dull quickly. If anything, I simply want to get her to WT4 before the season end.

Part of me wants to roll another Sorcerer too. Not Ball Lightning though. I’ve been looking at the Firewall build and that one seems fun. I even have the gear for WT3 and 4. Also, I considered running a Whirlwind Barbarian build just because I have a lot of the gear. But it really boils down to single target for me. I think if the single target isn’t there and that there’s some issue with bossing, then I lose interest. Like Blood Surge was fun but I hated bossing.

Either way, I just want to get as many of these seasonal characters into WT4 as possible. Maybe not my first Necromancer unless I can figure out a better build but the rest definitely.

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