Diablo 4: Slight Progress Beginning to Push Sorcerer

With my 5 Season 2 characters in WT3, I’ve been juggling around playing each a little at a time. That prevents me from getting bored easily, which normally is a symptom that I need to create yet another character. However, I think I’m getting to the stage where I need at least one character in WT4. As my Sorcerer has been the best character of the bunch thus far with regards to survivability and insane damage, I decided to choose her as the first to tackle the next gateway to the big leagues.

Right now, my Sorcerer is hovering in the mid 68s and probably can hit 70 tonight (definitely by this weekend). Much of my current focus has been on doing Nightmare Dungeons to level up her three Glyphs. However, I’m also trying to find some key pieces for some gear optimization since not all the pieces I have are BiS with regards to stats. Like I found a great offhand but lacked a good Aspect that I could strip and use. So part of my goal up until level 70 is to try and get some better rolled Aspects too. Pretty much I want to ensure that the fight with Elias is as easy as possible going in.

I might stop farming the Vampire zones for now as well as Helltides because neither really offer me any benefits besides XP. Gear might be the only possible thing I could farm in those situations but I feel better off doing all that under Nightmare Dungeons. With Nightmare Dungeons, I’m beginning to farm the higher boundaries of Sacred/WT3. While I may take damage here and there, nothing felt too threatening and my damage has annihilated most things efficiently. The only downside at the moment with my build is that I’ve been rushing through each Paragon Board before fully activating key Rare Nodes. I figured that Glyphs and just unlocking more points along the way is more important than activation just because some of the requirements for these activations are ridiculous without being fully min/maxed.

Another thing I’m starting to think about is my Necromancer. While Blood Surge was decent for leveling, I simply hated the single target. I think there might be a version for bosses so I might investigate that. I figure if I can take down Varshan as easily as my Sorcerer, then it won’t be long before I can get her into WT4 as well. But I’m also looking at changing her into a Bone Spear build because of higher damage. My only issue with Bone Spear is that it reminds me of some other jankier builds that are infuriating when you miss your target. From what I can observe, Bone Spear doesn’t have a wide berth so if your target moves frequently, you’ll be punching the wall (literally).

Yet I’m thinking I might just see how the single target version of Blood Surge works. I want to farm for the new Necromancer version of the Malignant Ring as it seems like a must-have for almost all the builds. But one thing I do have which is great is the Deathless Visage unique which is a must-have for Bone Spear Necromancers. I’m simply lacking a legendary ring with Aspect of Exposed Flesh to really convert this build over.

On the other hand, there is a temptation to simply nuke my Eternal Necromancer, whom I never finished getting into WT3 in the first place, and just re-create her as a Season 2 Bone Spear Necromancer. The rational is to get some practice before doing a deep dive into the higher end stuff. Also, by the time I reach the Capstone Dungeon, I should be fairly comfortable with the basic Bone Spear play style. My main issue with Bone Spear is targeting and I feel I should get some practice in before devoting myself to a complete swap.

Also, I might play my Barbarian again tonight. I’ve been happily trucking along with my Druid once I obtained the proper Uniques that I had forgone my Barbarian completely. In fact, I’ve been playing my Rogue a lot more since I managed to find that Condemnation dagger. But with my Barbarian I want to find the new Malignant Ring and use it on her. I have managed to find a few uniques for my Barbarian but nothing really for HotA. And I feel that not using the Malignant Ring even though it’s clearly labeled on the ring that HotA is one of the powers that can be modified is ridiculous. The only issue is that I can’t find a good build that uses it for HotA. I might have to ask on reddit to see what other people have done to make use of it.

I think my near term goal with WT3 is to find all the Malignant Rings. I only have two (Druid and Sorcerer). I know that the Rogue version is useless but there’s a part of my that wants to try a Death Trap build, which isn’t far off from the Twisted Blade version. Once I get my Sorcerer through Elias/Capstone Dungeon, I’ll feel more confident about progressing the rest of the gang through.

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