Diablo 4: Actual Progress

With Season 2, I managed to get all 5 of my characters into WT3 solo. I find that to be a pretty good feat for me. Not only have I been able to accomplish that solo, but I’ve steadily been gearing my characters up for the next step of their voyage. In particular, I had been really focused on my Druid this past weekend, even though I played a little bit of everything (except Necromancer).

As I mentioned, the big carrot on the stick this season has been the allure of being able to farm uniques. I left my Eternal bound original Druid in a state of unfinished business that left an unsavory taste in my mouth. So with the two WT3 bosses being farmable for uniques that are perfect for a Pulverize Druid, I decided to push him. First, I have to mention that I was through with Trample/Landslide Druid. That build just felt bad all around. Since I had one Shockwave Aspect, I put it on a rare ring and swapped builds. Immediately, I felt a huge difference in the overall feeling for the build. I did have to toy with the build a bit because I used a high endgame version which didn’t synergize well with my legendaries. But once I swapped things around, I managed to get the basics working.

From there it was grind city as I continued to push forward. After hitting level 55, I went and did two Echoes of Varshan. My first unique drop was the Greatstaff of the Crone. That pissed me off but I had some spare mats and didn’t find the fight to be too terrible on my Druid. The next unique was the Vasily’s Prayer, which pretty much is a major build defining piece. The key aspect with this thing is that you become completely ranged since it converts your Earth skills into Werebear skills, which allows you to use Earth Spike. With that you’ll have Fortify up more often, stunning enemies and hitting bosses at range.

After that, I started to farm Helltides for chest pieces in the hopes of getting the highly valued Insatiable Fury. I went through 3-5 chests and actually got a unique…but it was Mad Wolf’s Glee. So I was really pissed in seeing that. Even if it’s a good farming chest piece, it’s used for Tornado Werewolves so I just chucked in the bank. Tornado Werewolves as a build really isn’t viable until WT4 because of the prized Tempest Roar helmet. Frustrated, I grabbed my Living Steel and did the Grigoire boss. At least for WT3, I found this fight to be reasonable. It wasn’t fast by any means, but I wasn’t in any danger. Luckily, the first drop produced the proper Insatiable Fury chest and now I can do a complete Pulverize build in WT3.

Let me say that I’ve really had a lot of fun with this build. My Pulverize now is level 10 with all the item adjustments. So Dungeons are quite easy thus far and I can just smash through, which feels very satisfying. I’m going to continue leveling my Druid and see how long this takes me. But so far the experience has been quite smooth at this juncture. One other comment is that I managed to find one of the new Malignant rings for my Druid. However, this build really can’t make use of it. But I’m just keeping it in the stash for now.

Besides my Druid, I got my HotA Barbarian in WT3. I swapped specs to use the various Shouts. I was fortunate enough to have the Shout ring. However, besides the single target damage, I haven’t quite got the groove for this build just yet. I’m hoping to pick up the new Malignant ring but I haven’t seen it used in this version of the build. Quite frankly, I’m not sure if this Shout version of HotA is any good. So I might just wait and switch things around again if I can find a better version.

Also, I got my Rogue into WT3. Capstone Dungeon was a breeze. Right now, she’s still low level but does quite good damage. So for now, I’m just hunting for gear. Once I get her sufficiently leveled, I’m going to farm Varshan for the Condemnation dagger. Maybe as a bonus, I’ll seek the ring too and see if I can work it in. I think for that you just need to switch to Death Trap but I don’t know the key Aspects to use for that build.

What about Sorcerer and Necromancer? I haven’t decided what to do with my Necromancer. I feel she’s reached her limit as a Blood Surge type. I’ll have to check my stash but if I have that helmet, I might switch her to Bone Spear. But Blood Surge just is bad with single target so I don’t feel motivated to continue with that version of the spec. As for Sorcerer, she’s the one that I plan to take to WT4 first. At this point, I’m mostly trying to level her and I hit a rut where I wanted to push my other alts and get them into WT3. I might work on my rogue just to get her Condemnation and better gear before farming more uniques. But I want to push what I can in WT3 and just swap around to avoid boredom.

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