Diablo 4: New Strategy For Low Level Character Entering Torment/World Tier 4

I decided to try a Helltide earlier in Torment/World Tier 4 on my rogue. With only some Ancestral items and at level 67, I found myself to be very squishy and not doing a lot of damage. So I decided to re-think how I could handle my situation as I’m pretty jammed in the transition and I’ve come up with a solution.

Right now, I decided to focus on finishing up some Renown especially those where I’m close to hitting the +4 paragon point tier. I managed to do one tonight and am close to finishing up another (estimate 6-7 dungeons to get me there). Because of how much benefit you receive from Paragon points, getting +20 total is a huge boost. Part of the way I’m handling this is through doing dungeons (regular) to pick up a lot of big points. And I’m conducting my push through WT3 just because it’s more efficient and still gives me relatively good experience.

I figured that combining the Renown paragon grind with dungeons also provides materials/gold as well as decent experience that further contributes to your paragon grind. Like my goal is to continue doing this up until level 70-71. In that manner, I could gain anywhere up to 28 paragon points, which will be massive. Like I’m finding dungeons in WT3 to be very easy to blaze through and if I encounter any that I can run as Nightmare, I’ll do that.

Another thing that motivates me through this is how Diablo 4 now allows you to port to the Nightmare dungeon directly. That feature was added today so there’s no reason to spend excess time trying to locate the dungeon. My thought is that I’ll mix in some of these Nightmare dungeons to push a few glyphs up higher while continuing my Renown grind and possibly some Tree of Whisper bounties.

But again the big thing is to stick with WT3 for most things until I can get enough levels to become less squishy and more effective against monsters. I think if I can do some WT4 Tree of Whispers Grim Favors, then that should make that part of the grind more tolerable. Otherwise, I’ll have to find and leech off of random groups in Helltides, which is too risky right now.

On a side note, I’ve been having a ton of fun with my Druid. However, what’s holding him back are two key uniques. The helmet and chest piece are big pieces missing in turning him into a real bad ass machine. So I think once I get my rogue up a little more, I’ll spend more time on my Druid. I’ve already begun doing the Nightmare glyph grind. And with +4 more paragon points across the board, that should help tremendously on my Druid.

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