Clash of Clans and Boom Beach Progression

Since I bought the Gold Season Pass, I figured I might as well try to get in as much progression as possible in Clash of Clans. The main two things I’ve been focused on are pushing my main account to TH14, which is quite close to being ready, and my main TH11 to TH12, which might be ready either next week or the following one. Along with that I’ve also been doing some work on my newest Boom Beach account. So I’ll give a bit of an update here with my current status on these games.

As of writing this, Raid Weekend has already started and I’m debating whether to participate or not. Most likely because I have the time right now, I might give it a go later. This weekend also marks the Diablo 4 Beta Server Slam, which I started playing but haven’t gone too far yet (because the fucking Butcher ganked me. Fuck you Blizzard!) That said, I might just return to Clash of Clans to do bit of catch up. If I’m not mistaken, Monday might see the newest Builder Hall update, where if I’m being totally honest, I’m not too fond of one way or another. That said, I wanted to get a little more progress in with my main clan bases and begin preparing for the next leg of my journey.

Raid Weekend feels not as must-do as before since they’ve put caps on resources you can buy from the Trader. That makes pushing stuff like the Battle Machine more grindy. I really have no idea why this was done other than just making players’ lives more annoying. That said, when I do have Raid Medals, I end up using them for Builder Elixir mostly on my lower accounts and either Dark Elixir or Gold for my accounts that don’t really need to push the Battle Machine. The TH11s right now are where I’m focused on using Builder Elixir as most have the Battle Machine sitting around 14-15. Along with that I’ve been pushing Boxer Giants since they make for great tanks at that level. And once I get to BH8, I should be able to open up Boxer Giants to level 16, which allows me to have an extra +1 per Army Camp.

With regards to the Clan Capital, the big thing is that I’ve been working on upgrading the Clan Capital to the next level (6), which will open up another district. I really need to get more clan mates but at this stage, I think it’s a moot point because no one I know plays. It would be great to get another 7 players to join just to be able to do more activities but at this point, there’s no reason to push. But I do think continuing to upgrade the Clan Capital is worth it since the leagues offer additional Clan XP, even though the amount is tiny.

With my main TH13, I’m almost done with the bulk of my defenses. At this point, I’m just working on traps and my Barbarian King. I managed to get my Royal Champion to level 25 and I doubt that I’ll be able to get the Barbarian King another level before the end of the season. So at this stage, I’m starting to think that it might be best to upgrade the Town Hall to 14 so I can get access to things like Electro Giants and the Flame Flinger. I have yet to figure out a good army composition for TH14 but I’m leaning towards keeping my Ice Golems + Witches, although Electro Giants might become a priority later on. Not to mention I just really want that Pet House.

For my other TH12, that one is slowly making its way through Tesla and Mortar defenses. Because of the sheer volume of stuff I need upgraded on that account, I’m less reluctant to spend on stuff like Books or Runes when they become available. At this rate, I figure I won’t see this Town Hall ready for the next level for at least a few more months.

Now, my “main” TH11 (aka Giraffetoe) is getting ready for a big boost. I’m on the edge of upgrading my Archer Queen to level 50 while I’m moving my Barbarian King towards level 40. The rest of my current tasks has been getting whatever traps up to max like Skeleton Traps or pushing Cannons and Archer Towers. I figure that once my Barbarian King hits level 40 and above and my Archer Queen gets to level 50, I’ll be ready for TH12. I found TH12 one of the best levels just because you get access to so much stuff like the Workshop and Yeti. With that, I’ll be able to start donating troops again and eventually Siege Machines.

My other two big TH11s are not that far behind except that the Archer Queens on those accounts are level 45. I really don’t want to upgrade to TH12 before the Archer Queen is level 50 just because you have to endure 15 levels of painful upgrades for your Barbarian King and Archer Queen while your Grand Warden needs 20 levels. That’s a lot of inactivity. Along with that you can start using Super Dragons (which is the best starting troop army combo for TH12) But getting your army ready with the army camps, etc. is going to be a real pain.

My lower level TH11s are not in a bad place but most of the Heroes are still low level. One account still has a Grand Warden at level 13, which sucks (although I might’ve started an upgrade to level 14). I’ve heard it’s best to get your Grand Warden to level 20 first then switch off to the other heroes. But it really depends on how much resources you have. I’m pretty much using Ice Golems + Witches across my accounts because it’s easy to send troops to the Clan Castle (because of the 1 spell limit) I think that army composition works well when you don’t have a Grand Warden available. If you do have one, then Electro Dragons are quite effective. Defense-wise, those accounts are in good shape as I’m starting to work my way through Wizard Towers.

As far as Boom Beach is concerned, my main focus has been on my newest account. Currently, it’s at HQ12 but the account itself is only level 28. So I have quite a bit of upgrades to get through before thinking of rushing to HQ13. Since I’m an offensive player, I managed to push my Landing Craft to support 2 Tanks per except for the newest Landing Craft. It’ll be a while before I can get that one to level 12. For now I’m trying to upgrade my resource storage units before swapping back.But I did manage to defeat Hammerman level 25 which unlocked Kavan. Because I have Kavan now, I’m throwing all my gold into him so that he can act as my healer until I unlock Medics at HQ15. I’m trying to get in my daily operations as well just for the boost in resources.


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