Clash of Clans: Slow Season

This season for me has been slow although part of it is due to job responsibilities. But I’m steadily getting my points in with the seasonal challenges. I did a small push tonight on the Versus Battles side of things in knocking out 5 Multi Mortars just so I could unlock the 10% reductions and next seasonal bank size. Yet I still feel like I’m behind.

The biggest thing I’m trying to do in the near term of get setup for a few major Town Hall upgrades. I’ve already decided that I need to get my Heroes up on my main TH13 and upgrade all the remaining traps in the process before moving on. In all honesty, I feel that at this rate, I’ll probably have to wait a little while, maybe only being able to upgrade Walls before I can get to finishing up my Heroes. And my main TH11 still needs to finish up a few things as well before even considering moving to TH12.

On my main TH11, I’m closing in on getting my Archer Queen to level 50. She’s currently at level 48 and I think I almost have enough resources to push her. But I might be missing either a spare Builder or being just below the required amount. But I know for certain I’ll get her to level 50 before the end of this season. Then I would like to get my Barbarian King to 40. I think if he gets above 40 in between 41-45 and I have a good share of defenses done, I’ll push the base to TH12.

But the thing I’m considering too is just continuing to do Raid Weekends. I’m not a huge fan of them in general. But I am close to get enough upgrades to start upgrading the main Clan Hall. Part of me thinks I might wait just a little while so that I can get more defense upgrades in. The reason is that I’m procrastinating on getting to the higher levels, knowing that the dragon area is going to be painful. Right now, it’s still painful but I can get through enough on 8 accounts. I simply don’t have enough time to get more accounts nor do I want to for the time being.

One thing that is coming soon is some new Builder Hall stuff. I saw that they’re changing the requirements for the 6th Builder so I’m going to wait until it comes out. Some stuff will be easier like getting any troop to level 18 (or any building). But I really hope that they make the actual Versus Battles less painful/discouraging. The only reason I’m doing them is for the 6th Builder, seasonal challenges and Clan Games stuff. But given a choice, I’d prefer to just abandon those fights and simply let my daily collection of resources to finish up what I have.

Looking ahead I started thinking about upgrade paths for my TH12 accounts that may happen this season (perhaps at the end). I think the immediate goal for upgrades would be:

  • Lab (absolute must!)
  • Dragons (for Super Dragons)
  • Clan Castle (for +5 troops)
  • Town Hall (for the Giga Tesla)
  • Army Camps
  • Workshop (push to level 3 asap)
  • Resource Storage
  • Everything else

Starting out, I would try to go for Super Dragons as that is a great early TH12 composition. If I manage to hit Clan Level 4, I’ll get the +2 spell perk, which should make this composition easier to supply troops to (1 lightning, 1 freezing spell, 1 Dragon, +20 Balloons). Eventually, I would want to transition back to Ice Golems + Witches, but I’ll need to spend quite a bit of Dark Elixir to upgrade those troops. There’s other things I would need to upgrade like spells but once I get the Ice Golems and Witches fully upgraded at TH12, that’ll be the best composition. Then I expect to spend about a year upgrading the rest of the base.

But so far, things are going well. I’m not in a rush to push my bases too far. Also, I’m trying to be strategic about what I buy. I did purchase the Gold Pass across all accounts so I should be able to accomplish a lot more this season.


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