Clash of Clans: Good Progress on Clan Capital

Just finished up my Raid Weekend. Did alright I guess given that I still only play with eight accounts. Managed to unlock level 2 Heal spell and Skeleton Barrels via the rebuilding their barracks. From there, I mostly focused on rebuilding ruins in my Balloon Lagoon and Wizard Valley Districts. I still have 66 more buildings to go before being able to upgrade my Clan Capital Hall but I think I’m in a reasonable spot.

This weekend was quite important for Raid Weekend to me as the Season challenge for doing 5 Clan Capital Raids was available. As a result, some of my accounts managed to procure a nice 3k Capital Gold. There’s a few that are close which will help me unlock another ruins in the coming day. But beyond that, I should get a nice little reward for doing these as last weekend gave me nearly 600 Raid Medals. I don’t know if I’ll get that many this time but if I can, I might save them for my Builder Hall. I’m getting close on a few Builder Halls to upgrade to the next level. Probably, for my TH11 accounts, I’ll consider upgrading their Builder Halls to level 7 just to get the next Army Camp.

With that, I should be able to use one camp of Boxer Giants to help tank for my Battle Machine. Also, I should be able to get my Cannon Carts up a few more levels which will help a lot. All this will help  lot in trying to get that prestigious 6th Builder. I’ve stopped rushing on those accounts but I only do 1-2 Versus Battles every day (unless it’s Clan Games time where I push every day to get my guys as many points as possible). However, my other motivation is that I’ve been encountering a lot of much higher level bases, which means that I need to start pushing again just to have some advantage. Before, I had been doing small upgrades but I think I’m in a good spot for most of these lower level accounts.

Other things going on are just the general grind of TH11 and TH10. TH11 is going well just slow. On my main TH11, a lot of the key defenses now are maxed out for that town hall level so I’m starting to fix low level but cheap defenses. And my TH10s have slowed down as well because I’ve been pushing both heroes up. Something I realize now is that at TH10, you really want to level up both heroes at the same time here. Originally, I was hesitant but you don’t need either at this stage if you use an all Dragon composition. All you really need is a Stone Slammer to help mop up buildings. But TH10 is where you should really push your heroes if you hadn’t done so at TH9.

My main TH10 is doing very well. I’m almost done getting all of its Archer Towers upgraded and swapped to Cannons and traps. My Heroes on that account are being leveled at every opportunity. It might take about another week and a half where most of that base is upgraded. I might push then for a TH11 if I have x2 Books of Building, a Book of Fighting and a Book of Spells. That pretty much guarantees being able to survive the initial week of TH11 as you get your Grand Warden up to level 5, upgrade your Army Camps and Clan Castle after unlocking Electro Dragons, upgrading them and the Lightning Spell (as well as the Barracks and Lab) all in one setting.

My other two TH10s aren’t nearly as close because their Archer Towers and Cannons had been neglected. So now I’m starting to get them up to par along with their Heroes. I feel those two accounts are probably anywhere between 1-2 weeks behind my main TH10. But I don’t want to rush them to TH11 just yet.  I kinda feel that once all those accounts are TH11, I would almost want to start upgrading my TH11s to TH12. But that’s going to bring another set of issues.

There’s really not much else to say about my other two accounts other than it’s just taking a long time to get anywhere. My secondary account just upgraded its Barbarian King to level 60 and I believe just started a level 46 Grand Warden. Right now, I try to keep only one Hero upgrading at a time but I prefer focusing on +5 levels over a period. In the case of my Grand Warden, once he hits 50, I won’t have to worry about him and can get my other heroes up. And my main account is just coasting. It’ll be a while before I can even think about upgrading that one.

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