Clash of Clans: Raid Weekend and Winter Season

Finally, I had some time this weekend (and energy) to put effort into a Raid Weekend deal. Originally, I thought about taking the month of December off because of how busy things are as well as the potential for me being in the office during the middle of this month. Then I figured that I wanted to try and get my Clan up to the next level so that I can get 2 donated spells, which is huge so I went ahead and bought the Gold Pass. I’ll do a bit of a summary from today and this week.

The big thing for me was getting to do Raid Weekend. I might do it again next week just because I’ll have some time before leaving for the office the following week. But in that situation, I’m going to do that for the Season Challenge points that I’m expecting to pop up soon. The big accomplishments for this Raid Weekend was pushing my Spell Storage to level 2 (which in reality didn’t do much for me as I prefer using the Heal spell, taking up 3 spaces) and upgrading my Super Wizards to level 2 at the very end. Next, I’m working on leveling up the Healing spell since I use that in every battle. From there, I expect that the bulk of the work will go into upgrading or unlocking more defenses in Wizard Valley and circling back to Balloon Lagoon since there’s another Barracks I need to unlock over there.

I will say the new Army Camp has really made a huge impact on my attacks. It’ll be sometime before I think the Spell Storage won’t really be as impactful until I can unlock more spell buildings (especially Lightning and Rage). That said I am seeing a LOT more loot come in which is great. Right now, I’m probably averaging anywhere between 8k-10k in Capital Gold per account. So that’s helping a lot to speed up some of these nastier upgrades. The good thing that should out of this is seeing more Raid Medals. I’ve been getting low and need more for pushing stuff like my Builder Base.

The new season has one challenge that I probably will only accomplish on a single account, using a Healing spell. Right now, I’m working on one account that I intend to use it with either Miners or Hybrid Miners/Hog Riders. The main blocker there is upgrading my Barbarian King. If I can manage that, then I want to give the Hybrid attack a try, although I’ve heard very good things about Miners at TH10. The goal is to master that army composition on one account before spreading it across other accounts.

I’m pretty excited about that TH10 account in particular though just because I haven’t rushed it and am doing a catch up with most of my defenses. The plan is to push to TH11 later after I get a Book of Spells and Book of Fighting so that I can immediately upgrade Electro Dragons. And with my saved Book of Building, I can have both an upgraded Barracks and Lab, which will allow me to do my Zap Electro Dragon attack. After that, it’s a matter of upgrading the Clan Castle, Army Camps and resource storage units as well as the fresh Grand Warden.

The other account I’m getting excited about is my main account because so many defenses are near max for TH13. I just upgraded the Archer Queen to level 72 and hope to finish her all the way to 75 this season. I doubt I’ll be able to get the Royal Champion and Barbarian King complete. That might take two more months overall. But I don’t want my Heroes to be competing for Dark Elixir with my Pets after hitting TH14. But I’m debating about using a Book of Building and just rushing. The main benefits for hitting TH14 are a new siege weapon, the pets and Electro Titans. So it is tempting.

Something that I’ve been working on for all my lower level accounts has been upgrading small defenses on my Builder Bases. I ran into an issue where I had too many Runes of Builder Gold and was trying to dump as much gold as possible without rushing. So I wanted to use each penny I could muster since I had been struggling in Versus Battles. I know people say you should rush but I do think you need to balance things out with some defense. Otherwise, you’re going to get mowed down.

My TH11s are in a very interesting spot. I’m starting to push my Archer Queen beyond level 30. On my main TH11, I’m close for her hitting level 35. Because I do Ice Golems + Witches, I like bringing along a heavy duty Barbarian King. The Barbarian King does great in this composition especially if he can reach the core of a base. So the decision here is whether to continue pushing my Archer Queen beyond level 35 or start pushing my Barbarian King to match her. The chief advantage of pushing an Archer Queen all the way is that you’ll have a very solid damage dealer that can work with any army compositions. But your Barbarian King will be weak so you might not be able to pull off say a Hybrid attack as well.

At the same time, I’m trying to get my Grand Warden to level 20. There’s not much more to go with my main TH11 but it is slow and probably will take all month at this rate. However, defensively I’ve got a lot of work to do because of how much I’ve rushed these TH11s. So I don’t expect to hit TH12 for another 2 months which should give me plenty of time to get my Heroes leveled up and fix the lower level defenses.

Sunday night will be interesting for me to say the least. By then I should be able to collect those Raid Medals and see how well I’ve done for my Raid Weekend. I think this one came out decently. There was only one really frustrating base. But I made some decent Capital Gold and got a few key upgrades. Next, I need to push my Battle Machines on my TH11 accounts and plan for another one for next weekend.


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