Clash of Clans: Clan Games Pushing Hard

Yesterday, I did a pretty monstrous push to get Tier IV rewards and have been pushing even harder to get to Tier V because of the huge amount of points required. Along the way, I’ve managed to hit some juicy 1-1.5k point challenges that allowed me to get close to or actually maxing out a few accounts already. But the overall plan now is to hit at least Tier V today and finish up what I can tomorrow as we’ve also rolled into Raid Weekend territory.

The main thing was finishing up my main account and getting that one to 4k points. I hit one of those super troop challenges with an Inferno Dragon. I figured that I could use that along with my Super Dragons to complete these challenges as this troop combination compliments each other reasonably well. To be frank, Inferno Dragons by themselves are not great troops but they’re decent for funneling or handling rear annoying buildings. Usually, I clear the major air defenses before sending an Inferno Dragon in for an attack and use it as a clean up type of troop just like my Royal Champion. With that, I was able to meet this challenge fairly easily.

What I like about my situation right now is that with my current 8 account setup, I can do the vast majority of challenges and spread them amongst each account. The only real downside is that I’m limited to two accounts being able to donate troops since those have the Workshop. But this time around I’ve prioritized those two accounts (my TH13s) as the ones I wanted to finish up fast. Serendipitously, the fattest challenges like 12 Inferno Towers came my way and I was able to tackle them on both accounts. Right now, I just need one more battle to complete the 12 Inferno Tower challenge and I’m done on my 2nd TH13, which will allow me to distribute troop donations between both accounts quite nicely as I wrap things up.

One thing I must admit to liking about Clan Games is using Versus Battles to handle some quick wins. Generally, I hate Versus Battles even during the normal part of the season and only perform them for the daily 20 point season challenge. During Clan Games though, I feel far more motivated in doing Versus Battles because they help focus my attacks. Also, I play them like I have nothing to lose besides missing out on the challenge points potentially. As a result, I occasionally get some nice victories which has helped me push up my accounts. All the scraps of wins I can get on my bases, I’m putting towards defenses before I use my Runes of Builder Gold to do the bigger upgrades. In my BH5s, I’m purposefully avoiding upgrading those bases just to get in low level defense upgrades and making sure all my Builder Elixir can be used for critical pieces of infrastructure like Gold storage units or key troops. The idea here is that even though the main goal is to eventually unlock the 6th Builder, I’ll still have enough reasonable defenses so that I don’t get trashed at higher levels if/when I rush my Builder Halls to the next level. Similarly, I’m preparing my Boxer Giants to be used for BH7 since you get another Army Camp and those make great tanks as you level up your Battle Machine.

Another thing I want to address is the other motivation for playing more aggressively during Clan Games: filling up your season bank. If you’re like me and mostly just do two multiplayer battles per day to claim the daily bonus star reward, you’ve probably filled up your seasonal bank to a reasonable amount, but not completely full. So playing aggressively during Clan Games is important because it pretty much forces you to go beyond the daily bonus star reward, which helps provide you with more loot. Then once the season ends, you should have a full bank (or near full since Dark Elixir tends to be tougher to completely pile up). But once this Clan Games completes, I should have enough resources to finish up my Walls on my TH10s and get a good chunk of my TH11s done too in terms of costly defenses or Walls.

At any rate, I’m hoping to complete most of this stuff today so I can switch my focus to Raid Weekend. I think this Raid Weekend will be tougher than usual do to unlocking Balloon Lagoon and having only one fight under my belt when it comes to that particular district. Nonetheless, if all goes well, I should be able to finish my Army Camp in my Wizard District then go on to begin working on upgrading either the Super Wizards or the Spell Storage. I’m leaning towards the Super Wizards because I anticipate that the Spell Storage will take at least two Raid Weekends to complete. Either way, I would like to get something major done this weekend.


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