Clash of Clans: Clan Capital Raids and TH11 Grinding

Raid Weekend for me just finished as I did my little push. I got lucky in a way because I didn’t have any Balloon Lagoons unlike last weekend. But there certainly were a lot of annoying bases to get through. Nonetheless, I’m roughly 20k Capital Gold away from a level 4 Clan Capital Hall which will unlock Balloon Lagoon for me and a variety of other aspects like a level 2 Wizard Valley district. So in a week, I should have that ready to rock.

A lot of my focus right now is on my TH11s. My 2nd TH11 is making headway in preparing to swap to Ice Golems + Witch attacks. I’m massively behind on my other two TH11s with regards to the season challenges because I’m missing ~200 points from using Golems and Pekkas. Right now, the only things I’m lacking are level 3 Ice Golems and finishing up my last Army Camp upgrade for TH11. Once those are complete, I can unleash the full power of this army, which has done very well on my other TH11 account, maybe even better than Zap Electro Dragons. So I’m really looking forward to deploying those soon.

After that’s complete, I need to finish upgrading the remaining Gold Storage units and from there swap to dump my Elixir onto my Grand Warden. I started upgrading my main TH11’s Grand Warden to level 11 and will be pushing him all the way to 15. In general, I prefer focusing on one Hero at a time (if I can) just because those +5 levels really help with their abilities. I really disagree with upgrading all your heroes at once. I think that’s bad logic and that you should spread out your upgrades to certain aspects of your base. In the case of my TH11s, I rushed the three of them so I don’t mind taking longer to grind them on this journey of TH11. I expect that I will be staying within TH11 for at least three months given the resource cost, time and number of builders I have. Also, this is a really good spot to park your bases for catch up.

My 3rd TH11 is slowly pecking away. I won’t have that base ready to switch over to Ice Golems + Witches for another 2 days at least. But I’ve got a ton of upgrades in progress so it’s not a huge deal to me. Also, I’m trying to get my Builders Bases moving forward because it’s going to take sometime before getting the 6th Builder and I feel it’s not worth pushing to TH12 without one.

For my TH10s, the one thing I started to do was upgrade my Miners. I might not have the Hog Riders ready in time (just because there’s so many things to upgrade to get that army ready). But I think Miners will be decent if I can get the other aspects of that army prepared. I would like to get my Archer Queen upgraded to level 30 in that situation but I think it’s going to be a little rough at the start since you need around a level 25 Archer Queen to perform the charge/walk aspect. Nonetheless, I do want at least one account giving that army composition a shot because I’ve barely used Miners and would like to have one account employing them.

On the bright side, my 2nd TH13 account now has a level 3 Log Launcher. So while I am upgrading it fully to level 4, I can still start donating them to my lower level accounts and not be so dependent upon my main TH13. Once that one is complete, I’ll look into upgrading the Siege Barracks as I mentioned I want to try Miners out. Miners seem to work very well when you have a Siege Barracks and a higher level Barbarian King tanking certain bases. So I think for my TH10s, getting those supporting troops upgraded along with my Healing spell are imperative before giving Miners a try. The other nice thing about eventually switching over to Miners is that I can have anyone donate Hog Rider troops. I’ve been taking the opportunity as my Dark Barracks upgrades on a few TH11s to upgrade my Hog Riders since they’re a bit low level. The plan is to inch them forward, use my TH10s to improve my Miner attacks, upgrade the Hog Riders on those then do the same on the TH11s just in case I come to like the Miners + Hog Riders hybrid attack. Then over time, I’m going to swap over on my TH13s because I am anticipating TH14-15 to be switching up the meta a bit.

For my main TH13, I have been working on a lot of Archer Towers. Right now, the plan is to get my Archer Towers upgraded and have one dedicated Builder for a Cannon, one for a Hero and possibly one for traps. I could rush what I have to TH14 but again, it makes little sense because of how TH14’s Dark Elixir requirement goes up pretty high as a result of Pets. Besides Pets, the defensive version of the Builder Huts and Titans, there’s really no good reason to push higher. I do think Titans will be part of the TH14 meta but I’m waiting for strategies to settle down around that level.

The other nice thing is that my Barbarian King on my main is now level 70. So I’m going to move back to the Archer Queen and get her all the way up to level 75 before swapping back to the Barbarian King or Royal Champion. At least my Archer Queen on that account will get to level 71 by the end of the season no matter what so that should be great.

Overall, I still think I’m roughly 3 months out before even being able to consider upgrading my main TH13 account to TH14. While Walls have almost no priority outside of a resource dump mechanism, I will be doing what I can to upgrade every little bit since I don’t want to have to go backwards.  Even now, I feel my current base is fairly strong but there’s just not enough incentive to push any further right this second.

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