Clash of Clans: Raid Weekend Progression and Stuff

It’s been a while since I did Raid Weekend just because of generally business with the new job, the job search and preparation for my annual inspection of my apartment. Now, that things are slowly getting into a normal rhythm, I figured it was time to get my Raid Weekend in. This weekend I encountered my first Balloon Lagoon district, which prevented me from completing my last raid but it did show me what’s coming down the pipeline.

The big thing for my Clan Capital is that I’ve managed to upgrade enough buildings to start upgrading my Capital Hall to level 4. The problem is that the cost is a whopping 100k. So I’m guessing that it might take anywhere between 2-4 weeks to complete (meaning at best I managed to grind through all of that). This might be pretty painful just because I’ve been finishing off less enemies and really need to expand my Clan if I want to progress faster. But I do have some motivation for this as I want to not only improve my Clan Capital but push my lower level Builder Bases up more notches.

I’m starting to hit a very irritating wall on the Builder Base where the defenses are becoming super annoying. I’m mostly just using the Battle Machine and Cannon Carts but it’s the Battle Machine that is holding me back a bit. So pretty much to stay motivated, I need the Raid Weekends for Raid Medals to purchase the Builder Elixir to make better progress. Obviously, the whole reason for this setup is to ultimately acquire a 6th Builder. At TH11, I feel this is the spot where you really want to make that push since there’s so many things to upgrade.

That said, I want to review my general progress on my bases. Starting with my main two, the 2nd TH13 now has a level 5 Workshop and I’m slowly pushing the Log Launcher to max level. I’m going to be really happy when I get the Log Launcher leveled up since it’ll put less pressure on my main account when I eventually switch back to Witches. For my main account, the big push is to get my Barbarian King up to level 70. I had started to upgrade him to level 69 the other day and believe I can get him to level 70 before the season ends. Once that happens, I’ll switch back to my Archer Queen for next season/month. Otherwise, for that account, I’m going to grind up my defenses to max as I really am trying my best to avoid TH14 until I’m absolutely ready for once.

For my slew of Th11s, it’s a mixed bag. I think the bottom two will finish up their Clan Castle upgrades. I’m trying to get my 4th account’s Grand Warden to level 5 asap since I messed up initially and had been focused on upgrading the Army Camps. But once those are done, I’m also going to upgrade the Dark Barracks so I can unlock Ice Golems. While Electro Dragons are one of the best attacks at TH11, they are tedious in that you need to donate twice (Lightning Spell + Freeze) and require very specific layouts to take advantage of this combo. Ice Golems + Witches start to shine here once your Ice Golems and Witches are leveled up and if you have access to a Log Launcher (hence why I’m doing all I can to push my 2nd TH13 to upgrade the Log Launcher there). Having access to both army compositions is great just because you want that flexibility especially with season challenges and Challenge Games.

One thing that I desperately want to try is Miners + Hog Riders. But there’s a lot of prerequisites before I would feel comfortable switching over. I figure that until I can get the Ice Golems to level 2-3, it won’t be worth the switch over. But Electro Dragons should be decent for the time being. Also, I eventually need to prepare for TH12 by upgrading the normal Dragons. At TH12, the best troop combination is Super Dragons + Balloons especially as a starter. Obviously, that’s a ways away but I’m already thinking of that combo. I’m probably going to upgrade Dragons just to help with donations and leave the Stone Slammer to my two TH13s.

Then there’s my three TH10s. Those are just grinding away. I think those three have less problems than my TH11s just because I didn’t rush them as fast. So maxing out those bases will be slightly easier. The most difficult issue at the moment is getting my Heroes leveled up. I generally try to keep one Builder free for Heroes unless I run out of resources. But for the moment, that isn’t an issue.

One other topic I want to briefly address isn’t related to Clash of Clans but the parent company of Supercell and that is Boom Beach. There was a small update the other day which involved a new troop, a new building type and a major fix to the Mechs. Briefly, the new troop is a laser troop done in a fashion similar to the Lazertrons and Zookas, except at 3 housing spaces and having a great range. I have yet to try this troop as I’m currently upgrading them on my two main bases but they seem to be quite good. Also, the Mechs were fixed by increasing their speed and more importantly making the stun ability actually work. I’ve heard decent things about Mechs now so I might eventually give them a try. The last part of the update included a new defense building, the Critter Launcher. These look infuriating and I’ve heard nasty things about them. But effectively, you can get up to 4 of these so your base gets considerably beefed up without having to upgrade your HQ (if you’re maxed like two of my bases). I’m sure if I add prototype defenses, these new defenses will really shred your enemies since you have more things to worry about.

That said, I will be playing Boom Beach more regularly again as I want to max out these new defenses and the new troops. Also, I’m starting to play my 3rd account, which is a royal pain since that one is just at HQ9. Since I neglected it for so long, I’m probably really behind when it comes to where it should be. But since I’m going to be doing operations, I will get a small amount of additional resources that should be a great boon. I think once I get this base to HQ10, I’ll be able to unlock Warships and just use the rewards from that to help boost this account. However, the matchmaking at this level is atrocious and completely unfair as I only encounter bases that are at least 10+ levels higher than my own. So if I can’t beat the normal bases, the best thing to do is push through operations and upgrade the resource generators, storage, Vault, Gunboat, etc. as much as I can. I do think getting the Barrage at HQ10 will be huge.

One cool thing that I do like about the latest Boom Beach update is that they made swapping accounts much easier. So that does help a lot along with the annoying crashes on the iOS that made the game completely unplayable for me (hence why I stopped for a while). So those issues make it far better for me to re-engage in the game even though I’m not really a fan of the overall update.

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