Clash of Clans: Update Is Here (But Can’t Really Use)

So the TH15 update dropped yesterday in the morning. For the most part, unless you were maxed out at TH14 or near maxed out, more than likely you probably won’t feel the effects of that update outside of reduced costs for buildings as well as the consolidation of army buildings. Maybe you might get unlucky and have been attacked by the new troops at most. That said, I decided to talk about my own relationship to this update along with my current progress.

Again, the biggest thing for me as a sub-TH14 account holder is the consolidation of the barracks as well as the change to how training troops and spells work while those buildings are upgraded. For me the most significant aspect is the Spell Factory aspect because of how you were blocked from training any spells while the Spell Factory was being upgraded. Although I wouldn’t necessarily require having the bonus spells immediately, not having access to any spells can be very detrimental especially once you finish updating a Town Hall. For instance, I just finished up my TH10 and was able to put my Book of Building on my Clan Castle, which actually is more important at TH10 because you get access to siege machines and takes roughly 5 days to complete. Compare that to the Spell Factory which takes a little over 3 days but gives +2 spells. However, unless you have the gems or a Book of Building readily available, I feel that the siege machine is far better than waiting 3+ days especially at this level.

The barracks changes aren’t as impactful except that you have fewer defensive structures to help block invasions. The biggest boon here is the cost and fact that you don’t have to devote as many Builders to upgrading 4 other buildings. That is pretty significant at higher levels though compared to the mid game with the Spell Factory. Also, you save on resources overall and can use excess Elixir on stuff like Walls.

My only wish with the update would have been to allow people to use Heroes in battles too during upgrades. It’s a huge problem not being able to deploy heroes during upgrades and feels pointless. This is the one change that they absolutely need, not just as a quality of life but to make heroes more useful and worth upgrading. They say that you should upgrade all your heroes at once or whatever but you just lose too much in battles. I don’t mind if they lose their defensive abilities during upgrades but they should be usable during battle.

Now, in terms of my progress report, let me start from the top. The main TH13 is going nice. My Barbarian King is now level 62 and I’ll probably start upgrading him to 63 today once I finish the daily. But the goal for the remainder of the season is to get my Barbarian King as leveled up as possible. I think I can get him to 66 before next month. I am slightly tempted to upgrade my TH13 to TH14 so that I can start using Pets, but at this point, I still have way too much to upgrade. I did notice that TH15 has +20 housing space for the Army Camps so that along with the new troops are a good reason to push for TH15. However, the cost is ridiculous and just not worth it at this stage.

My other TH13 just started to upgrade the Town Hall defense to level 4. Also, the other 3 Army Camps now are in progress for upgrades while my Clan Castle is done. So once the next major building is complete, I’ll probably put the spare Builder on my Workshop. While I don’t need the Workshop at the moment, I want another account to bear some of the load when it comes to training Log Launchers. But I did start upgrading the Stone Slammer to level 4 so that part makes me happy.

I did end up starting a TH11 upgrade on my 3rd account. That might’ve been a little hasty but I’m more of an offensive player and I had enough of my core upgraded where I felt I could be stable enough to move on. With that said, since I have a little over a day before TH11 completes, I’m planning to do a lot of small upgrades like my Cannons or anything that will take less than a day to upgrade. Once I hit TH11, I’m going to push for the Barracks to get upgraded then Lab. That way I at least have access to Electro Dragons. I can’t remember if I have enough gems to instant complete my Lab but if I do, then I can use the Book of Spells and Fighting on the Lightning Spell and Electro Dragon respectively. That should be enough to get me started as a TH11 where I’m going to be doing a very long grind.

On the bright side, I’ve been using Zap Dragons as a TH10 up until this point, having made the switch from Golems + Witches. Pretty much the key for this attack is the Stone Slammer and ensuring that you find bases with non-maxed out Air Defenses or at least one Air Defense under construction. Also, the Air Defenses should be adjacent to Air Sweepers and possibly Inferno Towers. If you’re lucky the Inferno Towers will be deactivated. No other defenses really matter in this situation but this combo will give you a lot of victories. You can probably do okay against four fully maxed out Air Defenses at TH10 where you might have one left standing. But there’s a chance that your Dragons will get distracted and eventually shot down. So be wary of this.

For my other two TH10s, they’ve been going steady. I might wait a few days or maybe even another week to see how my latest TH11 does before contemplating the upgrade. I will upgrade those two before the end of the month, most likely around Clash Games time. But I don’t see an immediate need to upgrade them, not while I still have heroes under level 25 to upgrade. Also, many defenses like the Teslas, Mortars, etc. are still very under leveled so I want to get them up a bit before moving on.

Now, I also have a brand new TH10 that finished today. Already, I’ve got the Clan Castle upgraded and starting to use the Log Launcher with Golems and Witches. But I think I’m going to try instant completing the Lab so that I can upgrade Dragons and the Lightning Spell. I believe I have two Books for each scenario and with all the success I’ve been having with Zap Dragons, I might have to go back at least until I can get the rest of the army upgraded along with all four Army Camps. Also, in using Zap Dragons as my army composition, I can have both my TH13s donate troops rather than my main TH13 doing all the heavy lifting.

For my last two accounts, I’m going to finish up what I can and take about a week or so to upgrade as much as possible. Both are in decent positions but I need the Archer Queen to be at least level 20 before moving on. With my latest TH10, I was able to take advantage of the previous two weeks’ event for the reduced cost of home base buildings. So my heroes were cheap. But with that event finished, I will require quite a bit of Dark Elixir to get that project complete. Fortunately, I do have a spare Rune leftover from last season so I’ll be using that in the near future.

Also, as I had received some Raid Medals the other day, I was using them to upgrade my Cannon Carts. Pretty much Raid Medals are making my day at BH5 because otherwise I would probably be completely demotivated to doing any Versus battles at all. But what I’ve discovered is that having Cannon Carts level 10 and a Battle Machine level 5, you can reasonably handle most Versus battles unless you get some higher level foe that actually knows what to do.

At any rate, it won’t be for another year in my estimate before I’ll even be able to think of getting to TH15. So I’m just going to enjoy my stay as is.


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