Clash of Clans: TH15 Soon

Over on, they’ve been previewing some of the upcoming changes for the TH15 update. Among those are four new pets and two new defensive buildings. No new hero has been spotted but with these changes, we will be seeing the meta switch up a bit as the new defensive buildings will provide some incredible capabilities. While this blog won’t address those specifically, I figured I’d mention this part at the top as we probably will be seeing this update in a week or so. Some people are predicting the 15th for when this update will drop. All I know is that I’m anticipating a lot of costs to be dropped, specially Walls which I saw from TH13 and below.

Other than that, this week has been slow but fruitful for myself. The new season hit and already we’ve got the next series of seasonal challenges in place. I’ve been heavily considering rushing my TH9s just because I’m eager to start using siege machines and might end up with a strategy where my main account will only donate siege machines in the future and that I want to take advantage of the missing 20 daily points from donations since my accounts under TH11 generally have been using Bowlers and the Poison spell in the Clan Castle.

In fact, with my 3rd account, I’ve been pondering pushing to TH11 since Golems + Witches are not always reliable without both heroes in play. Sometimes, I’ll encounter an odd shaped base that I attack that has fairly good defenses but more importantly well placed bombs and traps that wipe out my Witches. In those instances, it can be quite frustrating as I may not necessarily be able to achieve the full 3* attack. Also, I’m nearing level 25 on my Barbarian King and know neither Hero are important in a Zap Electro Dragon attack compared to the Stone Slammer and Grand Warden. So perhaps, after upgrading a few more things, I might just rush that base as well and park it at TH11 as Zap Electro Dragon at that level is quite reliable as an attack. I’ve been saving up a Book of Building, Spells and Fighting and I could pretty much use all three once I hit TH11 since everything at my current level isn’t worth using those items on.

But my other two TH10s will probably wait a bit more. I still have some ways to go with their Barbarian Kings. I’m trying to be disciplined about rushing bases but it just seems more advantageous to get to at least TH9-11 as fast as possible to gain more defenses and have more troop selection. And with Electro Dragons, they are fairly solid without heroes as long as you have enough Lightning Spells that are leveled up to put away the Air Defenses. Because of that strategy, you can afford to let your heroes take a rest as long as you have level 2 Electro Dragons, some Balloons reasonably leveled up and access to a Stone Slammer. In addition, having a TH11 + upgraded lab means that your donated troops will be at a higher level too. So all around, it’s a win-win scenario.

With my TH9s, my 6th account in particular is pretty much ready to go to TH10. However, I’ve been leveling up Towers, Traps and Cannons. But all the Walls are done and there isn’t anything really major to deal with outside of the Archer Queen and Barbarian King. But I’m already working on getting my Archer Queen to level 20 and will be doing the same for the Barbarian King soon-ish. So let’s say by the end of next week, that account should be all ready for TH10. The other two TH9s are still going slowly. Right now, I’m working on getting the Barbarian King to level 15. Around that point, the Golem + Witch combo doesn’t feel too squishy. Usually before that point, the Barbarian King along with the Golems end up getting jammed in some bases while being slowly picked off as they futilely bang their heads against Walls. But I’ve thought about holding off on rushing these bases until the TH15 update drops to take advantage of the consolidate Army Barracks as well as the all important ability to be able to train while an upgrade is in progress. That way, I won’t have to waste a Book of Building on the Spell Factory at TH10 and can use that for the Clan Castle as I will be able to use the Log Launcher.

For my latest TH13, I’ve finally got all the Builders working on the remaining Army Camps. Only one has been completed so I’m using that to fill a Balloon for one of the season challenges. But once that is complete, I’ll probably replace the Balloon with a Wizard and Archer. Also, I completed the Yeti upgrade and Posion spell today using my Books. Once I get enough Elixir, I plan to upgrade the PEKKA followed by the Wizard. And in a day or so, I should have my Clan Castle upgraded which will allow me to switch to using 2 Yetis, a Valkyrie and Barbarian just like my main account.

On my main account, I’m trying to get through the various Teslas and Mortars. Also, I have a Barbarian King in progress. Since I pushed my Royal Champion to level 20, I decided that I can spend the rest of the time pushing my Barbarian King probably for the rest of the season. I’ll probably continue leveling him until 70 which will match the Archer Queen. From there, I’ll either get my Archer Queen one level late in the season as this season has two Books of Heroes and spend the rest on my Barbarian King. But no matter what I most likely won’t rush this base because I know that the costs at TH14 are ridiculous and I have zero desire to face TH14s anytime soon until the rest of my base is fully upgraded. Besides, the only thing I really want from TH14 is the Pet House. But that’s going to take a ridiculous amount of resources.

Another thing that I’ve been doing a little more of lately are Versus Battles. Normally, I hate these because they’re just demoralizing. But around BH5 if you can get your Cannon Carts leveled to 10 and Battle Machine to 5, then this attack isn’t that bad. I tend to just use the Battle Machine as a tank and fill up my Army Camp with Cannon Carts. There’s no real reason to use any other troops around this level. In fact, I think this is where Versus Battles can be fun since you don’t have to deal with the Lava Launcher. Besides that, you have to get your Cannon Carts to max level regardless, so you should be using these all the way through. No other troop is worth upgrading except perhaps the Boxer Giants. But even those guys you shouldn’t be using until you get another Army Camp at BH7.

For my TH9s, those accounts are starting to use Cannon Carts to varying degrees of success. Level 10 is the key though because you add +1 to your army camp and that makes a HUGE difference. But I prefer these troops to Raged Barbarians and Sneaky Archers just because you begin to encounter more Walls at BH5 while defenses and traps easily pick off your troops.

Then there’s Raid Weekend which is going on. With the latest season challenges, we have the Clan Capital raid attacks which give a nice 150 points. So I’m nearly through with those attacks. It has been getting progressively harder but I’m starting to use different strategies like with Minions which has been coming in handy vs Bomber Towers and Mortars. Still, it’s just a long grind and I’m far away from the next district from being unlocked. But my main purpose here is to get my attacks in so that I can get more Raid Medals and use those for my lower level bases especially getting Builder Elixir. Practically, that’s keeping my sanity in those Versus Battles since BH5 is all about quickly getting your Cannon Carts to level 10.

At any rate, I’m still grinding away. I probably will upgrade that TH10 to TH11 when I have a chance. I think that will keep at least one base exciting for me in the upcoming weeks. If that base is successful, then I might consider doing more.


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