Clash of Clans: End of the Season, Start of A New One and Raid Weekend

October is here and with it a new season. The Gold Pass now offers at the end of the journey a zombified version of the Archer Queen. Since my accounts are in that space where I can actually make use of the Archer Queen skin, I felt it was worth grabbing the Gold Pass for everyone. The only unfortunate part so far is that the starting challenges are pretty much bleh.

With September’s season ending, I was able to utilize much of the Season Bank resources in upgrading a good deal of Walls. Only one account remains where I’m waiting around impatiently for one of the Builders to be freed up so that I can take advantage of the resources. But the nice thing about all this is that my 6th account managed to upgrade all of its Walls. That felt really good because generally it takes me time before I can get Walls upgraded. My lowest level accounts though missed it because they were late to the game when it came to the season pass and thus could not take advantage of storing all the additional resources early on. But I decided to correct that aspect as when this season ends, I probably will have all my current TH9s upgraded to TH10 and begin their journey through that process.

Now, as October rolls around, I’m basically aiming my current three TH10s to hit TH11 maybe mid month. It is rushing a bit but the main goal there is to get Electro Dragons and Ice Golems which should make attacks much easier. The thing I’ve found with a good Electro Dragon attack strategy at TH11 is that you don’t need heroes to beat a base. Witches are fun but there is some level of vulnerability where they tend to swarm around the base. So losing either the Barbarian King or Archer Queen can take down your attacks a notch. But having both down is really rough. But Electro Dragons solve this problem with the right base setup. And with a Stone Slammer you really don’t have to worry as much.

The other thing about TH11 is that the level reduction for donated troops won’t be as bad. So that’s another good incentive to rush to that point. From there I can just camp for a while as I catch my Heroes up. Th12 really isn’t that much of a game changer unless you don’t have an account with a leveled up Workshop. If you don’t have a Workshop, then rushing one account to Th12 almost is mandatory. Heck, I’d argue that rushing to TH13 is even more important just to get a Log Launcher. It’s my favorite Siege Machine.

Also, Raid Weekend is here. I’ve done four accounts and started on a 5th. At this stage, I’m just building up more Raid Medals especially for my TH9 accounts. With all the resources from the Season Bank, I really don’t have to worry about my Home Base. Thus, more of my focus will center around my Builder Base. The goal there is to start leveling up Cannon Carts. Once you have level 10 Cannon Carts and the Battle Machine unlocked, Versus Battles no longer are as painful. Since you need Cannon Carts upgraded all the way to level 18 anyway, you might as well just keep pushing those along with the occasional Boxer Giant upgrade to eventually serve as tanks. And you might ask, “Why do the Builder Base? Don’t you hate it?” Yup, but the Builder Base serves a few useful purposes:

  • 6th Builder (biggest bonus)
  • Easy Challenge Game points
  • Season Challenges

I found once I got my Battle Machine and Cannon Carts leveled up, that aspect of the game becomes far less painful. It just takes time and effort. And the best motivator I’ve found in playing that part of the game is the season challenges or Challenge Games points. You can’t really lose resources so you might as well do them during those periods.

So with Raid Weekends, I’m mostly gathering up Builder Elixir. Around BH5 is where the Builder Elixir becomes critical. So rushing to BH5 helps as you want to expand your storage units just enough to be able to purchase Builder Elixir from the Trader. Then you pretty much should be able to level up your Cannon Carts and eventually Battle Machine much easier.

For the Weekend Raids, I did manage to finally get the opportunity to use Minions. They were great for clean up once I got rid of the bulk of the nasty Air Defenses. But holy god, some of these districts and halls are brutal. I really wish that Supercell didn’t allow players to modify the layout. Yeah, I get that people want to personalize them but there’s no way to avoid a nasty raid and you’re forced to waste a lot of time if you encounter one.

Another thing that I’m thinking about is starting up Clan Wars again. Now, that I have upgraded more of my bases, I almost feel ready to do Clan Wars. I looked at my current XP to Clan level 3 and it’ll take me at least 2 more months of Clan Games alone to get to that point. So the other way I can deal with this is start doing Clan Wars. The benefit there would be to get through this season’s early challenges. But I do that, I think I’ll need to push my Heroes up higher. They aren’t bad on my three TH10s but getting them to level 30 a piece would be where I’d feel more confident. Also, I really want to upgrade more troops especially Hog Riders and Miners.

Upgrade-wise, my latest TH13 is just struggling while waiting for various buildings to finish. That’s the part about TH13 that I hate and why I’m hesitant about pushing my main account to TH14. I was hoping to get my Royal Champion upgraded to level 5 before the bonuses faded but I stupidly upgraded other things or starting working on stuff like two Scattershots. I am waiting for my Town Hall to finish upgrading the defense system so once that happens, I’ll switch to my Royal Champion for a while then return to the Town Hall.

My main account is getting through the Tesla traps and some Mortars. I’m finishing up all the Air Seeking Bombs, which makes me happy since I like not having to worry about upgrading things ever again (well at least until whatever the next major update is). But once the Tesla traps and Mortars are done, then I’ll start finishing up all the Cannons and start a few Archer Towers. Maybe I’ll keep one Builder around just for traps and one for my Heroes. But the good part is that my Royal Champion there is close to hitting level 20. Since this season has two Books of Heroes, I might just reserve those for my Barbarian King. He’s been left in the dirt sadly.

My TH10s are mostly doing well. Much of the core of their bases are done and I’m starting to move towards stuff like Mortars and Tesla traps. I might save one Builder for Air Seeker Bombs eventually just because those are great against stuff like Dragons. But the one thing I still need to do is prepare these accounts for the Hybrid attack. On that end, I’m behind as I need to spend time upgrading my Hog Riders and Miners. But two of my Archer Queens are level 25 and probably can do a minimal Queen Walk. I am working on the Barbarian King to get him to 25. Depending on how much I need to upgrade once he hits level 25, I might either just forgo the Hybrid attack idea and go straight to TH11 or at least try pushing the Archer Queen to level 30.

At any rate, wish I had more gems and Builder Potions to push my bases a bit faster. But not going to worry about things.


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