Clash of Clans: Two New TH9s For Me

Today, my two TH9s finished up so I am now able to begin progressing both of those accounts. First thing built was the Archer Queen and the second was upgrading the Spell Factory to gain +2 spells for a total of 10. I used gems to instant complete the Spell Factory as waiting 3 days just would kill off progression immediately. Also, I started upgrading my Clan Castle which will give me another +5 troops and my Lab so that I can eventually work on my Witches once the Dark Barracks upgrade is complete. I spared two Builders for quick defensive upgrades just to plop down the remaining unbuilt items, which probably will take two more days once the other stuff is complete. But not a bad start for the first few minutes of TH9.

For now, I’ll probably stick with Zap Dragons as my main army composition until Witches become available. But I do have a Rune of Dark Elixir that I will eventually use once my Dark Elixir storage is fully upgraded. In the meantime, I’m simply going to use my accumulated Raid Medals to fund my Dark Elixir needs and slowly transition this army towards Golems + Witches. Also, I need to rush my Archer Queen to at least level 5 quickly to take advantage of the boost and will continue pushing her until she’s level 10. But I think both of these accounts are in a far better state than my last TH9 just because I avoided a stupid mistake of using and/or buying a Book of Building that exceeded the gem cost of instant finishing of the Spell Factory. On the positive side, once the Clan Castle is upgraded, I’ll have three accounts that I can donate Bowlers to which will take a tremendous amount of stress from my main account as the primary donator in this clan.

That said, I do feel that I probably should get my Bowlers upgraded soon on my three TH10s so that these TH9s can do more damage. Not to mention, I would like to have those TH10s have the potential to use Bowlers as some army composition in the future. But doing so takes away the immediate opportunity of also using Hog Riders and Miners. In that situation though, I still need to spend some Dark Elixir and time to get them into a usable state. At the moment, the Hog Riders are terribly under leveled while my Archer Queen on average sits around level 20. I think level 30 or so is when you can begin doing a decent Queen Walk so I need to work on that. In short, the bottom line is that I won’t be able to do the Hybrid attack for some time on these accounts.

Another thing that popped up was Clan Games which starts in a day and a half as of the time of writing this. I still have yet to see what this season’s Clan Games rewards will be but I think we’ll only have 6 tiers of rewards which should make progression easier than last month. If Clan Games returns to its regularly scheduled format of 4k points per account with 6 tiers of rewards, then I should be able to hit at least Tier V and get the bonus, which should be good. With some luck the Tier V reward will have a Rune, Builder Potion or maybe even a book. Given that this season pass’ builder base rune reward is a Builder Gold Rune, I expect that we may see a Builder Elixir Rune. So at least for my lower level accounts, I should be able to push things like my Cannon Carts and Battle Machine a little.

Although I hesitate to write much about the Builder Base aspect, one nice thing is that two of my TH10 accounts have been steadily progressing their Builder Bases. I think one just started upgrading the Cannon Carts to level 10, which will give +1 Cannon Carts and should really help speed things up on that side. However, my lower level accounts are still struggling to get to that point where I can start using my builder resource rewards. But I think in those situations, I just need to rush those accounts so that I can get my storage units upgraded enough to also buy from the Trader. Of course, the main goal in all of that is mostly to obtain the 6th Builder so I’m doing this whether I like it or not.

My higher level accounts are progressing very slowly. But I think at least for my TH12, I’m very close to saying fuck it and just moving that one to TH13. The reason I like that idea is that there’s not much more I can do besides finish up my Barbarian King and some Cannons. And at this stage, it might be more important to increase my Army Camps and just have more powerful troops and stick around in TH13 rather than waste time with 20% reduced time/cost on Cannons and traps.

At any rate, I’m eager to see another Clan Games but fear that it might burn me out. I think though the combination of Clan Games and still needing to finish up the season should help complete what’s left for most of my accounts.




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