Clash of Clans: Two More TH9s Coming

Got some good progress in today. Did a fair amount of rounds in getting my attacks in for various accounts which helped push my progression on the season a bit. So feeling pretty good right now, although I did end up picking up the season pass for my TH8s.

Not much progression on my main two accounts. The big stuff is everything below. My TH10s are finishing up level 4 Earthquake which makes Inferno Towers more vulnerable against x4 Lightning and Earthquake. So far, I’ve been lucky in getting my 3 star attacks in and feel that my main TH10 army composition is getting stronger. Now, I can afford not having one of the heroes active and still come out on top. Sometimes, I just get lucky by having a TH9 with good resources which make this army very effective. As I’m feeling better with this army, I’m pushing my heroes a lot more. My 3rd account’s Archer Queen is going to level 22, 4th account has the Barbarian King going to 20 and my 5th account is working on a Barbarian King level 18.

For my TH9, I’m pushing my Archer Queen to level 13. I managed to grab enough Dark Elixir to get my Golems to level 4 with the help of a Book of Fighting. So that combined with my Witches are starting to make this army composition more effective at this level. I think once my Archer Queen and Barbarian King are level 15, then this composition will start to really do well. The Barbarian King at level 10 though at the moment is pretty weak. But I think rather than putting down on both heroes as some people recommend, I’m just going to concentrate on one at a time and aim for ability break points.

Lastly, I decided to push the two TH8s finally. I just felt both bases were getting stale and I was getting tired of training Dragon Riders on my main account. All the main defenses were pushed to a good spot so I just thought it was time to move ahead. As part of that, I bought the season pass since I figured all the bonuses, books, resources, etc. are going to be massively necessary to start up the TH9. But it’s nice having the builder bonuses to reduce the time. Main thing will be aggressively switching the army to Golems and Witches which will make troop donation better for my TH10s. At least for the first week or two, the transition will be painful.

So this coming week should be fun.

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