Clash of Clans: The Season Thus Far

I can’t tell what it is but right now Clash of Clans feels dull and has slowed down tremendously. Perhaps, it’s the fact that more of my accounts have moved up to the TH10 spot and the upgrades are becoming less frequent while my lower accounts too aren’t doing much. Either way, I think it’s time for a progress report.

My current focus on the TH10s has been the Lab upgrades. The main ones like Golems and Witches are done but I don’t have the confidence for really being able to take out the TH10s unless there’s a severe handicap. Eventually, I want to switch them from using Rage, Freeze, Healing and Poison spells to Lightning and Earthquake since those can take out the nasty Inferno Towers. But my Earthquake spells have been underleveled so I haven’t tried just yet. My other priority with them has been to get both the Barbarian King and Archer Queen to level 20. Around that point, they feel more useful and not as squishy. But I’m not doing them in parallel as I either don’t have the resources or available Builders. Also, I find that missing just one can mean a huge difference in a successful attack.

For my Lab, I’ve been working around Freeze, Healing and Rage, although I’ve started to upgrade Archers and Barbarians too so that my Heroes’ summoning abilities will be impactful. As that goes on, I’m upgrading my Dark Barracks to be able to train up Bowlers. Part of the need for Bowlers is troop donations that I’m missing. I could donate other types of troops but I really enjoy using 5 Bowlers in the Clan Castle along with one Giant at the moment.

Once I have enough of those troops upgraded, I’m going to work on getting Miners and Hog Riders. I’m just dedicating a single Builder for my Barrack upgrades so I want to have all the troops unlocked for this TH level. Once I get those, I’m going to put more emphasis on upgrading my Hog Riders as those are underleveled, followed by Healers and the Healing spell (which I am working on with less emphasis). Then if I can get my Archer Queen to level 25-30, I can start the Hybrid Queen Walk attack. I don’t think I’ll be working on my Barbarian King once he gets to level 20 so I can put all my resources onto the Archer Queen for this purpose.

All in all, I estimate that this effort will take at least two weeks. It is getting more expensive to upgrade my Heroes and the leftover Dark Elixir from last season is slowly dwindling away. But I think my accounts are in a good spot for the moment. Nonetheless, I doubt I’ll see them advance to TH11 this month. If anything I expect that it’ll take two months before they arrive at TH11 based on the number of upgrades I need along with the cost and timing.

My “middle” account (aka TH9) is almost ready to switch over to Golems + Witches. I think it still needs one more level of Golems while various spells like Jump and Freeze require a level or two to be effective. Also, my Archer Queen is still level 9 and competing for precious Dark Elixir that is being used for the Dark Troops. Also, I think at least one Dark Barracks is still in progress. The goal here was to continue using Zap Dragons until my Witch Golem army was prepared. It is getting tougher finding TH8 accounts to snipe off while the rest of the moving parts are being upgraded.

The TH8s almost feel ready to move up a notch but I’m doing more to maximize their current level in preparation for TH9. These two accounts won’t be as rushed because I have decided to avoid the Gold Pass on them. So taking the time to really get a lot of the upgrades into a good state has been my priority. The only concern I have is gradually get to the point where I have nothing to spend my Dark Elixir on. I figured when I get near that state, it’ll be time to push to TH9.

Finally, my upper accounts are just taking way too long. My TH13 is finalizing the process of upgrading all the Wizard Towers and starting to move towards Bomb Towers. Also, I got the Hog Riders fully upgraded and am pushing the Miners. That should allow me to have the capability of doing a Hybrid Queen Walk attack. I still have to try that out and feel that my current state is quite good for that. All I really need is practice.

Then there’s my TH12 which is in tremendous state. I think all my Archer Towers are close to completion, leaving me with just the Cannons, Traps, Barbarian King, one level of the Grand Warden and Walls. While I am hesitant about upgrading my Th13, I do think upgrading my TH12 is worth it just because of being able to contribute more siege machines, having +20 housing space, etc. The question is when. Right now, at the earliest, I’d say it’s when my Barbarian King reaches level 55. I should probably get him to 60 but that might take all month. Either way, there’s not a lot of stuff left to worry about so that upgrade might happen in a week or two at the latest.

Finally, I got the results back from Raid Weekend and earned 387 Raid Medals. That sounds about average even though I couldn’t take down the last capital. But I did make reasonable progress in upgrading my Barbarian District to level 2, upgrading one of the Army Camps and currently trying to finish another. I probably can get the last Army Camp upgraded by the end of this coming weekend and start work on something like the Archer or Giants barracks. One thing that I’ve been buying from those medals are Research Potions. I really wish they’d add the Builder Potion into that mix because it’s just so painful waiting all this time and would motivate me a lot more in doing these horrible Clan Capital Raids. Honestly, these things are almost as bad as the Builder Base and I feel the pyramid scheme/MLM designed into Clash of Clans only rewards groups that manage to overload their clan.


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