Clash of Clans: Clan Games Done Waiting For Next Season

With Clan Games over, I’m starting to look towards the coming season. I’m still waiting to see what rewards we will be receiving and I feel we might either get double Book of Heroes or something along those lines. I am both happy and disappointed with this Clan Games just because I did not have two extra accounts to help push into the Tier VI rewards but at the same time realized that Tier VII rewards in general were dedicated for special events like Christmas. In this case, we received them because of the Clash Anniversary. So I’m guessing the next Clan Games were revert back to the normal reward and point structure.

That does leave me waiting for Raid Weekend to complete to see how many Raid Medals I can acquire. I’m hoping that despite not getting through more capitals that I can still receive on the neighborhood of 300 Raid Medals. That way, I can reliably acquire resources from the Trader every week if I’m in need.

The biggest thing I’m going to focus on today is getting my lower two TH8 accounts their 5th Builders. I’m not sure if I can get the 5th one today for certain but the key here is the Trophy reward which provides a huge 450 gems. I had been saving up for some time and have been disciplined enough to avoid spending any gems so that I would be able to acquire the 5th Builder without paying for it. Outside of one instance, I really hope to keep these two accounts F2P as much as possible. Normally, I would include seasons once they reach TH9 but we’ll have to see. I might just end up trying to maximize them at TH8.

The other major upgrade that will finish soon today is my 6th account hitting TH9. While this one does have the 5th Builder, I may keep this one without the season pass just because I don’t really see a major need. It will suck big time not getting the 20% discount benefits, potions, books, etc. but I’m just using these three lower level accounts to help with Clan Games and the Clan Capital. Having 5 accounts was nice but 8 active accounts does push the boundaries of sanity. Perhaps, some day I will utilize these accounts for Clan Wars but I will try not to take them seriously.

Another thing I’m waiting for are my Labs to be completed on my new TH10s. With the town hall boost upon leveling, I should be able to have higher level Witches and Golems temporarily. So the immediate plan is to continue using them while upgrading the Lightning Spell, Dragons and Balloons while my Clan Castle is being worked on. Afterwards, I’ll continue to upgrade both Witches and Golems but will gradually start upgrading Hog Riders and all the support spells while waiting for Miners. Similarly, I need to get my Heroes upgraded significantly. My goal for now is to aim for both Heroes to hit level 25 with the hope of getting them to at least level 30 before considering TH11. I’m hoping to have at least one base do the Queen Walk Hybrid so that I can get used to the attack at a lower, less risky level before trying it on my higher level bases. Once my Clan Castles are complete, I will have access to a Siege Barracks which should make a lower level version of this attack viable. I won’t have a Grand Warden but nor will I have to deal with the Eagle Artillery, defensive Town Halls and a third, high level Inferno Tower. That should give me enough breathing room to practice the Hybrid attack. I’ve already become comfortable with Hog Riders and Healing placement. So the next step is getting the Queen Walk strategy.

I might even try LavaLoons since that goes along with the Queen Walk strategy. I will require quite a bit of upgrading for that to work but it should be viable. More than likely I’ll stick with Zap Dragons and Golem Witches for now just because of how reliable those compositions are for me.

Now, that I’ve hit this point with several accounts now, I’m beginning to consider just rushing straight to TH11 and parking. Here’s the deal. At TH11, you get Electro Dragons and 12 Lightning Spells (once they’re upgraded to level 8 with the two donated spells) along with the Grand Warden. Pretty much you can devastate a lot of bases without Heroes. You can park your base at TH11 for quite a while and do well reliably. Also, you’ll get Ice Golems and have at least two decent army compositions at your disposal.

I remember when I recovered my old main account, I discovered that it was on the borderline of TH11. The fights were bad because I wasn’t great at Dragons just yet but had mastered Electro Dragons on my mobile phone. So even though not everything was upgraded, I said fuck it and pushed that level. What made getting through TH11 for that account much smoother was that my main account had the Workshop and could donate the Stone Slammer. And the thing I believe is that as long as you keep your offense up and have enough defense, you should be able to do more in general.

While that’s going on, I’m still trying to figure out when I should move my TH12 up. Right now, it’s on or near the point where I upgraded my main account. If anything, I wanted to get my Grand Warden to level 40 and my Barbarian King to level 55. But beyond those upgrades, I really don’t have a lot of major things to do. So perhaps the plan will be to do the upgrade next season. I should be able to get my Grand Warden to level 39 once this season ends. Overall, I’m quite happy with that base.

And for my main base, I’m just chilling while my Grand Warden is finishing up reaching level 50. Much of the core defenses in the center are done so I’ve started working on Wizard Towers and with some spare Elixir, I’ve been upgrading Mines. I chose Mines just because I have quite a bit of Elixir but not enough to do anything significant. So resource generators I find are good areas to dump spare resources. Walls are things I would do only when there’s really nothing else available or when I can bulk upgrade. Except at this level, Walls are only worth upgrading with Wall Rings since I have far too many leftover things requiring upgrades. I feel that this base probably is 3-5 months out from pushing another level. TH13 is brutal in terms of cost and time but certain upgrades like Wizard Towers and Teslas have two levels. So it’ll be a while before I can peek my head out of this zone.





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