Clash of Clans: Raid Weekend and Clan Games Almost Over

Last night, I spent quite a bit of time grinding away at both the Clan Capital Raids and Clan Games. I figured that it was worth doing everything at once just to get as much out of the way as possible. Also, I originally wanted to write a blog post about my latest encounters with the Raid Weekend and my impression of moving up a notch. Along the way, I made significant progress on my lower level bases and wanted to talk about my current progress.

For my Clan Capital, I managed to finally unlock my Capital Hall for level 3 as well as opening up Wizard Valley. Along the way, I got the Super Wizard Barracks unlocked too and am currently working on upgrading my Barbarian Camp District Hall to level 2. I’ve heard very good things about Super Wizards matching up with Super Giants and wanted to make sure I had more variety of troops to work with going forward. I have yet to figure out how to use this combination together because more bases are starting to include Multi Mortars and Bomb Towers, which tend to be quite nasty overall. So the important thing is getting more troops unlocked, upgrading them and upgrading my Army Camps to improve my offensive strategy.

I’m starting to encounter more bases with Wizard Valley and I noticed that this district is pretty rough at lower levels. Sometimes, it took me quite a few attacks just to get through the gate. So once my Barbarian Camp district gets upgraded, my next goal will be to push my Army Camps and upgrade the Super Archer and Super Giant Barracks just to be more effective overall. I’m not putting anything into defenses for a while until my offense feels smoother. When you run a small Clan, this part of the game just feels like a horrible grind. It’s almost as bad as the Builder Base except that the only to push higher is recruit as many people as possible.

For Clan Games, I just finished up getting my accounts 4k+ points each. With that, I have been able to unlock the Tier V rewards and will be able to choose an extra reward later tonight. That made me pretty happy because I wasn’t certain how many points you needed exactly for this Clan Games’ special season to obtain in order to unlock the extra reward. Fortunately, I watched a Clash Bashing video which explained that the little yellow arrow under the points section shows whether you could qualify. I still have a few more challenges that I want to complete but overall, I’m ecstatic that the grind is pretty much done for now and that I will be able to select my rewards later tonight. With that, I just have to wait until late tomorrow night to see the results from Clan Raids to see how many Raid Medals I will obtain. So all that plus the soon to be finishing season for August will allow me to have quite a bit of spending to do.

In terms of progress, my first TH10 completed earlier and I’m mostly waiting on a Wizard upgrade so that I can start working on upgrading my Lab. I think for that account, I’ve managed to put down all the basic new buildings except a Bomb Tower. In that case, I’m trying to keep at least one Builder open so that I can begin working on my Clan Castle upgrade, which will take an insufferable 4 days or so. Luckily, with Clan Games finishing up tonight, I will be selecting two Builder Potions that should help speed up that upgrade and around that time, I should be close to completing the Wizard upgrade. Then if I’m down a bit on resources, I still will have my Rune of Elixir to use. Whatever remaining Elixir will end up going to the Army Camps. I plan to wait to upgrade the Dark Barracks. I think that account also has a Book of Spells so I plan to use that on a Lightning Spell. In total, I should have enough to slowly switch back to Zap Dragons and will be waiting on getting my upgraded Clan Castle so that I can start using a Stone Slammer or Log Launcher. Now, that part will make me really happy.

For my other two TH10 upgrades, I’ve got a few hours but am keeping my Builders and Lab free so that they can immediately start on the aforementioned upgrades. I think not having the ability to upgrade the Lab asap hurts a lot just because it still takes time to complete and I want to start working on the Lightning Spell and eventually Dragons. It’s a shame how in not anticipating the Tier VII reward structure, I missed an opportunity for two additional accounts to get the Tier VI rewards which would have included a Book of Fighting. That would have been quite useful. But again I think I would have gone insane dealing with that as well as Weekend Raids.

Also, I started on upgrading another TH9 (my 6th account). I was at the point with that account where I still had upgrades but I began seeing more and more TH9s+. Right now, I’m just convinced it’s better to push up once you get a certain number of key upgrades because the rewards will be better as well as the opportunities. And with my newest two TH8s, I’ve already got my Lightning Spells and Dragons upgraded. So the main thing to work on for those two accounts are my Barbarian King to get him to level 10 and upgrading my Dark Barracks so that I can unlock the Golem and upgrade that troop in preparation for TH9. There’s still quite a bit more to unlock and upgrade but those generally are my main goals at TH9.

So with the season generally over and Clan Games winding down, I’m probably going to just take it easy except to finish up the season for my TH8s just so that they can get the Book of Heroes at the end. I’ll still continue to go for my Daily Star Bonus, especially on my freshly upgraded bases, but I’m not going to push the seasonal stuff as much. Also, I”ll start upgrading Heroes again while I still have the Builder 20% bonus active. But I’m pretty excited for these TH10s to get their Clan Castles upgraded as I really want to start using the siege machines.

Beyond that, I might play a bit of Diablo 3. Because I wasn’t certain about the number of challenge points, I anticipated preparing to hit the maximum points and was going to spend the rest of the day grinding away. Now, that I don’t have to anymore, I’m just going to relax a bit and wait for various things to finish up and possibly do the latest Diablo 3 season.


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