Clash of Clans: Another Raid Weekend Along With Clan Games Day 4

So here we go again with another Raid Weekend that parallels in time Clan Games. Part of me almost wanted to skip Raid Weekend just because I wanted to focus more of my attention on getting through this last leg of Clan Games. On the other hand, I started a large number of major upgrades on my lower accounts that will require heavy resources so I might simply dedicate time later in the day to get through. Good thing I’m not also doing a Clan War or this whole thing might become overwhelming! (Especially because Diablo 3 has their new season coming out today that I might play)

Right now, I have managed to complete Tier 4 rewards and am working through 10k worth of challenge points for Tier 5. That one is pretty steep but I still have a little less than 2 days to manage this feat. There have been a few situations where I saw big rewards such as Super Archers but I was forced to skip as only my top two accounts could complete those challenges. Also, my lower level accounts were hurting big time since a lot of the challenges were out of reach for them. Pretty much that concluded my decision to push more accounts up a notch.

So all my TH9s now are in the process of moving up to TH10. I think the first one I started should complete sometime tomorrow, which will give me at least one day to do some challenges. Also, I will earn a little more Capital Gold which is great. However, I would see challenges like using Miners, Wall Wreckers, Siege Barracks, etc. which easily would be doable if I only had a TH10 with the appropriately upgraded structures. It does suck that my Heroes will start off in TH10 underleveled but they will receive the Super Hero potion boost for a few days. Once Clan Games finishes, I should have a small leeway to upgrade my Heroes towards level 20.

The strategy for my TH10 early experience is to use my saved up Book of Building on my Spell Factory to receive the +2 Spells. Then I can switch back to Zap Dragons and begin upgrading my Clan Castle. I have a Rune of Elixir sitting around and will use that early on to also upgrade my Lab. With the season coming to an end soon, I should receive a fair amount of resources from the Season Bank to work on Army Camps. Also, I think with all the excess resources from the Season Bank that I expect to receive, I should be able to quickly upgrade massive sections of my Walls.

Also, if I can push to receive the Tier 5 rewards from Clan Games, I will have available two Builder Potions. That should help out with speeding up upgrades like the Clan Castle and Lab. The only one I cannot afford to wait upon is the Spell Factory. Initially, I might start off continuing to use my GoWiWi army but that will likely taper off as I encounter more TH10s. But hopefully early on, I will continue to face reasonable TH9s with decent resources until I can get my upgrades done.

Besides my TH9s, I also upgraded my TH7s to TH8s. This is going to put a lot of pressure on my TH13 account because I’m going to train up tons of Dragon Riders early on. But I expect next season, I will upgrade my TH12 to TH13 so that account can start contributing Dragon Riders. Given how long TH13 takes though, it will be a while before that account becomes somewhat useful. However, the positive is that my TH12 won’t have to worry about the Workshop nor putting all my resources into it and Siege Machines right away. Instead, I can focus more on my Army Camps and Clan Castle along with the Royal Champion. But I think it will be better for me to be patient until I can at least get my Grand Warden up to level 40 before upgrading to TH13 since I don’t have the same pressure as my main account.

Going back to the topic of my TH8s, one thing that I have been working on is the Builder Base. One tip for Clan Games is that the percentage Builder Base fights are actually far better for low level Builder Bases because of how little you need to destroy to get the points. So at BH3, you can wreck other bases just using mass Raged Barbarians up until you start encountering the Crusher. At that point, you need to get Beta Minions and Sneaky Archers because the Crusher will demolish your Raged Barbarians instantly.

Something I’ve heard is that you should rush your Builder Base. While the same philosophy about not upgrading every single Wall segment could apply to the Builder Base, some buildings and units are worth waiting for. I think the biggest thing you can do early on is keep your Raged Barbarians, Sneaky Archers and Beta Minions upgraded. At lower levels, these troops are really good. Most people go after Cannon Carts but they aren’t as effective for a while because you just don’t have the numbers. You do eventually need to upgrade them so that you can get your 6th Builder, but they are extremely squishy and without a solid line of Boxer Giants to defend for them and having enough Cannon Carts, you’ll find yourself on the losing streak most of the time.

Now, let’s talk a brief moment about where my Clan Capital is. All this week, I’ve dedicated my resources strictly to getting my Clan Capital Hall upgraded to level 3. I’m still working on that so I hope that by the end of this weekend, I will see the next level. I honestly predict more frustrating bases coming up as I advance so the progress probably will slow quite a bit. In turn, I don’t expect that I will be able to upgrade it by the end of Raid Weekend unless I get supremely lucky. I do hope that I can though because I’d like to get the next district along with the accompanying troops and army camp.

For my last topic, the question becomes whether I want to play Diablo 3 this weekend. My only concern is being able to finish off Raid Weekend and getting the maximum rewards from Clan Games. If I can meet those two goals, then I might consider giving Diablo 3’s next season a go. However, I also need to hit the gym, study more as I am trying to improve my Go programming skills, etc. So I really haven’t decided what I want to do outside of finishing up Clan Games and doing Raid Weekend. All I know right now is that for Monday, I hope to have some TH10s ready to go with tons of resources available from Raid Medals.

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