Clash of Clans: Clan Games Day 3 of August 2022

With a little less than three days remaining, I’m currently sitting at Tier 3 rewards in terms of completion and around 4k points left to hit Tier 4 rewards. It’s been a bit of a challenge because the challenges themselves have not generally been fruitful with a plethora of soul crushing Versus battles or simply having lame challenges that only my higher accounts can complete. Another challenge has been timing everything because I’ve been pushing my accounts on the TH9 level with regards to their Heroes while my TH7s now are TH8s. As a result, training has slowed and I have to be more choosy about which bases I attack. In a few cases, I had the misfortune of running into some BS Clan Castle troops that utterly ruined my attack and forced me to restart the whole thing from scratch.

That said, I’m trying to avoid thinking about getting every account 4k points to receive the bonus reward. Instead, I’m more focused on completing as many challenges as possible and spreading them across my accounts. My lowest account has been struggling the most as many challenges are in the category of square peg to the round hole. So I often find myself trashing many challenges and taking the time penalty while I cycle through other accounts.

I suppose one positive is that I’ve been pushing my Builder Bases a bit more on my lower accounts since those are very weak. One of my current goals has been to move my TH9 accounts to the next higher Builder Hall level so that I can obtain the extra storage units. In that manner, I should be able to store 1 million in Builder Base resources that I can obtain through Raid Medals every week. In doing so I expect the progress to be a little easier on those accounts since I will start fast tracking more upgrades. For instance, on my main TH9, I managed to unlock the Battle Machine, which was quite costly but totally worth it. All this will help enable the goal of obtaining the 6th Builder down the road.

Another thing I’ve been considering is when I should upgrade to TH10. I’ve mentioned that part of that decision impinges upon finishing up the Dark Barracks upgrades so that I’m prepared to upgrade for Bowlers as well as getting my Heroes to a minimum of level 20 a piece. I think on my main TH9, I’m leveling my Archer Queen to 18 and will probably do the same for my Barbarian King once a Builder is freed up. But this process is pretty painful and I’d prefer to take advantage of my 20% reduction cost now while the season is still going on rather than waiting 2-3 weeks to get it back. Also, I’m somewhat eager to switch back soon to Zap Dragons especially if I can obtain upgrade both my Clan Castle and Spell Factory. Then I will be able to have quite a bit of an advantage, even if my Heroes are underleveled. A Stone Slammer alone would give me a huge advantage for that stage. And with the Book of Building sitting around, I think it’s better to make use of it sooner than later. I mean, thinking about this, I can see myself initially starting off with GoWiWi as my army composition and having a Log Launcher. If I go that route, I would be able to completely ditch my Jump spells and use say Lightning against one of the Inferno Towers.

Heck, the more I think about this, the more I realize that sticking around at TH9 just waiting for my Heroes to hit level 20 might be a waste right now. Not to mention, it’ll take a few days before I see the Town Hall itself finish up. So I guess I think the real answer to all of this is sooner than later. I mean the biggest issues at the moment are Walls. Too often, I find my troops just pounding away senselessly which drives me nuts. Also, there’s just too many TH10s popping up so I think it’s a huge hint to just move up.

Also, as I think about TH10, one of the cool things is just gaining 25 more housing spaces. For the Clan Castle on a GoWiWi type of army, that means another Bowler. For the regular army, I’ll probably stick around Witch in there and 2 more Wizards. And what’s cool is that I’ll have more versatility in my army compositions. Like with this composition, I can use the Log Launcher or Wall Wrecker. And once I upgrade my Barracks, I’ll be able to start using Miners with Hog Riders and finally make use of the Siege Barracks. So it’ll be better pushing up a level.

The other thing is that I might still be able to do some of the Clan Game stuff along the way. I started getting challenges like Miners and Siege Barracks. If I had at least one TH10 in that group, I would have been able to accomplish more rather than skipping out. Right now, I’m completely hindered by a very limited army and the only real solution is to continue pushing.

Lastly, I think a lot of the strategies I’ve seen were from old content. With all the changes I don’t know how relevant a lot of those ideas are. I feel that having good offense and enough defense helps progress the important aspects of the game. As long as you can be attacked by higher level players, you won’t be able to put up a good defense until you’re at least TH11 in my estimate. So I think that’s where I’m going to focus the majority of my upgrades. And I know the Electro Dragons are able to carry you very far in TH11 as long as you know what you’re doing (and at this stage, I actually do know what I’m doing).

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