Clash of Clans: Clan Games Day 2

Already, I have managed to secure the Tier 1 rewards but the next tier feels a little bit tougher just because so many of the challenges are those hopeless Versus battles. That said, it’s just taking some time to plow through everything and strategically assigning the right challenges to the appropriate account. For instance, I can’t use the Log Launcher on my lower accounts at the moment so I have to just employ it on my top two accounts. But seeing how many challenges end up preventing lower level accounts from participating, it only encourages me to upgrade as much as I need and move forward.

One thing I’m finding is that more of my TH9 accounts are starting to get into the spot where the remaining upgrades are mostly painful ones like Heroes or sacrificing time to get the Dark Barracks upgraded (time meaning where I still will be employing Witches and Golems as my primary attack but now, the training time drastically goes up). Also, I have to be choosy about when I put a Hero down for an upgrade as I prefer lining up my attacks with a challenge.

I did start upgrading my 7th TH7 account to TH8. While I would love to finish off the upgrade quickly, I can’t at the moment just because I don’t have enough gems. But I was at the point where I built up enough Dark Elixir and my resource storage units were upgraded sufficiently. So my thought process is to get this account to TH8 so that I can access the Trader to start getting the weekly freebies and not hoard my Raid Medals as much. The only painful aspect is that now I will require my main TH13 account to be doing more work in training up Dragon Riders for donations, which goes to show why I should get my TH12 to TH13.

From there, I think my last TH7 does not have much more to go. I’m mainly waiting for an Air Defense to finish up and possibly a Wizard Tower. But neither should take that much longer. I think once I get to TH8 for both accounts, the farming should be a lot easier as I will be employing Zap Dragons, which are very reliable at TH8.

The only Town Hall I’m not so eager in upgrading is my TH13. Quite honestly, I don’t find TH14 that appealing. The only two interesting aspects to me are the novelty of having the Pets for your Heroes and the defensive Builder Huts. Other than that though, TH14 looks rough as enemy bases are going to be much tougher to conquer while some troops are going to start hitting limits. Like I love Ice Golem + Witches or Zap Super Dragons. But I can’t see either being effective at TH14. That’s partly why I would like to push my Dark Barracks at TH9 to get Lava Hounds and get both Heroes to level 20-25. I figure it might be worth practicing LavaLoon + Queen Walk early on as that seems to be a more reliable strategy once you become proficient in it. Or the Hybrid strategy at TH10. But the latter strategy would require a lot of upgrades to prepare myself.

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