Clash of Clans: Pushing Heroes Slowly

One piece of advice I’ve heard veteran Clash of Clans players say is to put your Heroes down simultaneously when you can. I’m not a huge fan of that idea because it just feels as though you’re crippling yourself especially if your army composition depends on Heroes to be effective. But because of all the Dark Elixir I suddenly have received as a result of the Rune of Dark Elixir as well as having freed Builders, I decided to take that advice especially because the wait times currently aren’t too bad (ranging from 1+ days). Still, I will admit that it is a pain not having these guys around especially when I’m still trying to push more Season challenge points.

Right now, I’m trying to get my Archer Queen to level 15 across my TH9s so that I can follow up with my Barbarian King. But my army composition is Golems + Witches + Wizards + Bowlers and a good chunk of this strategy relies on having solid heroes to take out key defenses. I’ve had situations where my Golems get jammed against Walls or that my Bowlers are out ranged by X-Bows. This typically can spell the success of failure of an attack. What generally has helped is that my Archer Queen ends up being the one to finish off some of these defenses because at TH9 you see far more heavily layered bases with numerous compartments. Without enough Skeletons and a sufficiently strong Barbarian King, you just end up knocking against the Walls and get slowly picked off.

That said, when I do have my army at full strength, I’ve generally been quite successful in most of my attacks. I did push my Witches to level two on my other two TH9s, using the Book of Fighting to rush the level. Thereafter, I started the upgrade for level 4 Golems. Once those are done, then I’ll focus more on spells and other troops like Archers or Wizards. The one bad thing about this army composition that I’ve found is the large amount of things required to make it work. You need Jump spells, Freeze, Poison, Healing and Rage. Obviously, the higher the level the better. And your Heroes should be reasonably strong too. My Barbarian King goes down pretty quickly but if he can get into the core, he does well. But at level 10 or so, he just feels so weak.

Of course, the real goal in this is to try and push both Heroes to level 20. That’s just going to take a lot of time. I’m not as worried about Dark Elixir as I was before now that I’m starting to accumulate Raid Medals. I figure if I can get roughly the same amount or more every week, then there shouldn’t be any issue upgrading both Heroes to at least level 20. But with the month now half way through, I’m starting to look ahead on these bases. More TH10s are starting to appear with the rare TH11 manifesting. That indicates that I’m accumulating too many trophies and either need to pull back a little (by forcefully dropping) or get to a higher base level. And again I feel once I get sufficiently leveled up with my upgrades, there really won’t be a point in sticking around at TH9. I’m still going to get smashed for quite a while but getting to TH10-11 I will have better defenses, even if they aren’t leveled. More importantly, I’ll have better offense and access to more resources and a reliable strategy with Zap Electro Dragons. Not to mention being able to use a siege weapons. So I’m only going to stick around TH9 just long enough to get the basics covered.

For my lower tiered bases, I’ve managed to move my TH8 to the Zap Dragon strategy. I believe I started the level 3 Dragon upgrade so once that’s done, it’s pretty much just a hunt for poorly laid out bases with tons of resources. At that level, I’m not as reliant on a Barbarian King so I can put him down at any time. In the meantime, I can push the Dark Barracks upgrades to max for that level in preparation for TH9 as well as start Golem upgrades once I reach level 4 Dark Barracks. Also, knowing what I do now, I can prepare all the spell upgrades that I wasn’t aware of for the Golem + Witch army composition.

Then there are my two TH7s. Both are now using Hog Riders and I’m still a bit of Dark Elixir behind on my last account to get a Barbarian King. But one thing I found out is that I cannot purchase the Dark Elixir from the Trader because I don’t have the space for it. It says “Storage Full” which sucks because that means I need to push to the next level. So I think with that thinking in mind, I’ll probably only stick with TH7 to get enough upgraded. Not to mention I enjoy TH8 as one of my favorite levels just because Dragons are so much more fun. On the bright side, with having two TH7s around, that does mean I’ll be able to donate troops a lot more on my middle accounts. I can even do that on my TH8 but probably won’t because the season journey isn’t as important at this stage.

Lastly, I did manage to upgrade another Spear Thrower in my Clan Capital and began upgrading a Cannon. Also, I put a little bit of resources on trying to unlock more defenses in my Barbarian Camp. I’m probably going to push upgrading the Cannon then dump any leftovers into the 4 defenses that I’m trying to unlock since that will be pretty big. Most likely I won’t be able to finish the 4 defenses until this weekend but I do want to get the Cannon complete before then.

My final thoughts of the day are on Clan Wars. Right now, outside of season challenges, I just don’t see a need to do them. The perks are okay but nothing incredibly compelling to make me want to go through the preparation, etc. of getting all that lined up. Since I have access to the Clan Capital, I feel that I really don’t need Clan Wars anymore. The more compelling aspect would be Clan War Leagues just because of the League Medals that you can use for Hammers. But unless I can get 7 more reliable friends to join, I probably won’t be doing that anytime soon. I might try Clan Wars again later on but I want to push my TH9s up higher so that I don’t get those mismatched fights.

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