Clash of Clans: One More Day Before (My First) Raid Weekend

I’m eagerly anticipating the upcoming Raid Weekend. I have no idea what to expect outside of the high likelihood of getting squashed for the first time due to the intentional bad matchmaking system of Clash of Clans. But at the same time, I am excited to see how well I fare. Currently, I only have three types of troops and just one Army Camp available. So I’m hoping that’s enough to take at least one district down. Also, this week we saw the release of a new batch of seasonal challenges which include participating in 5 Capital Raids. I don’t know what that exactly means or how that works but I’m hoping that it allows for an easy 200 challenge points since it involves participation rather than winning anything.

So the big focus thus far this week besides getting enough of my Capital up and running was shifting to getting another Army Camp built. Unfortunately, my clan just does not have enough people to really contribute enough resources and I’m afraid that by the time Raid Weekend starts, I won’t have access to it. But what I do hope is that I can clear enough buildings during the raids to earn enough Clan Capital Gold to finish it up. I did manage to earn some gold through the Forge but the cost in general is just too high for anyone who hasn’t maxed out their home and builder bases. Either way, I’m still going to continue grinding for my daily allowance on my accounts to make piddling increases.

While that’s going on, I am trying to push my lower accounts up faster. My 3rd account is quickly becoming my main account indirectly just because that one has all the cool stuff for TH9. My current plan is to upgrade the Dark Elixir storage on my TH9s so that when I obtain the Rune of Dark Elixir, I can employ it to finish up whatever Dark Barrack troops and Heroes as much as I can. I know for certain that obtaining that rune will allow me to get my Witches to level 2, which should really help accounts 4 and 5 while I can use some of that Dark Elixir on my 3rd account to max out my Golem for that level. Everything else will be used to push the Archer Queen to level 15 and start pushing the Barbarian King towards level 15 as well as tossing in hopefully the Poison spell upgrade at some point since I do make heavy use of it.

Also, I’m trying to upgrade as many Barracks as possible since I’m primarily using Golems and Witches. Healers now are on the backburner just because I’ve found three Golems a bit more reliable than the flighty Healers. That way, once TH10 comes around, I can continue using this composition until I get the Barracks leveled up again to enable Miners. At that level, I might give the Hybrid Hog-Miner attack a try, depending on how far I can upgrade my Archer Queen. I do know that eventually at TH10, I want to switch back to Dragons since those are pretty reliable at that level.

For my TH7, things are pretty steady. I’m finishing up my Barbarian King and enjoying my Hog Riders at level 2. There’s a few other key upgrades like Archer and Wizards that I need done as well as the Barracks and resource storage. But I’m hoping to not stay at TH7 for long. That said, I did get my Dragons and am preparing to have them switched over once I upgrade to TH8. My TH6’s too are progressing nicely. Much of the Lab troops have been upgraded and I’m working on getting all the storage units complete along with Army Camps. TH6 is pretty fun still because you don’t have to worry about Dark Elixir just yet. However, you’re going to get destroyed most of the time because people have access to Dragons. So again, there’s not much reason to stick around that level for long. I would probably be at TH7 but not having that 5th Builder is a real bummer and hindrance.

So right now, most of the stuff I’m looking forward to at this point is this Raid Weekend. I’m hoping that I can get 300 Raid Medals per account just so that I can use them for my Builder Bases or Dark Elixir troops/heroes. My TH13 and TH12 don’t really need much of that and will either get Wall Rings or Research Potions and stock up on those. I really wish though that they eventually add the Builder Potion into that mix as well as Books but you know that Supercell is too cheap, stingy and greedy to do anything remotely generous for the community. That said, it’s something I still hope for one day since I won’t be getting League Medals anytime soon.

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