Clash of Clans: Clan Capital Day 2

I manage to scrap together enough Clan Capital Gold to repair the ruins of one of the Barracks, which unlocked Super Giants. From there, I’m looking at unlocking the Army Camp next. But right now, I feel it’s going to be a big struggle coming up with resources for this first week. That said, I’m hoping that for my first Raid Weekend, I won’t be pitted against someone who is going to massacre me. But considering this is Supercell, most likely I’ll be outmatched.

Other things that I’ve been working on are improving my Witch attacks. I started off using Witch Slap because I had decent Healers but that strategy hasn’t worked out all that well for me. It’s pretty obvious that without Witches at level 2, you’re going to struggle to hit 3 star attacks. So for now, I’ve alternated to another variation of the Witch attack called GoWiWi, which is Golems, Witches and Wizards. This version resembles the Ice Golem + Witch attacks at higher levels but doesn’t use as many tanks just because of the high cost of housing space. But I’m finding both are almost the same in terms of efficacy.

While that takes place, I’m trying to push my latest TH6s up a bit. Because I’m not using gems to rush the Spell Factory upgrade, I’m pretty much stunted in attacks until it’s complete. I’m forcing myself to preserve my gems just because I’m hoping that I can avoid spending real money to buy the 5th Builder. But I can say that this is really painful. I think at best I can get these two accounts to TH7 by the end of the month but at least I will be able to participate in Clan Games

My TH7 is doing okay but the struggle there is Dark Elixir. I’m trying my best to level up my Barbarian King to level 5 just to be able to activate his special ability. At this level though, I either encounter bases that are far above me or just have 400-600 Dark Elixir. Mostly, I have to rely on my daily star bonus for the boost. While that goes on, I’m using Hog Riders to take on bases. Usually, they can destroy bases around their level but Clan Castle troops generally spell doom.

For my higher level Town Halls, I did sacrifice one Builder to work on Clan Capital Gold. The time it takes is pretty obnoxious but I guess it’s just a resource sink for high level Town Halls that have nothing else to spend their resources on. It’s similar to Boom Beach where you have the Tribal Boost. But for the amount you receive at its cost, I can’t say it’s really worth it unless you’re in a waiting period where you just are lucky to have enough for some extra Capital Gold and nothing else worth building or where things are too costly.

Someone on reddit suggested to me that I create 7 more accounts for participating in Clan War Leagues as well as getting through Clan Games. I think if I did that I would just keel over. The amount of maintenance involved would be insane and it’s not worth all the extra trouble. Plus, I would be too tempted to buy more Builders, Season Passes, etc. and I don’t have that kind of money nor time. The only benefit is just having 100% control over everything but I think that type of life style would be more akin to a crack addict.

Already, this game has consumed way too much of my time both physically and mentally. I’ve already quit my 3rd Boom Beach account because I felt burnt out and discontent. But dealing with all the various side games now is starting to drive me crazy.

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