Clash of Clans: Got My Clan Capital!

So I’m pretty happy to say that I FINALLY received my Clan Capital. Yes, I lost the Clan War yesterday once again by a single point, but at the same time, it was enough to push my Clan up a notch so that I can begin progressing my Clan Capital. Because of this massive upgrade, I had to adjust some strategies so that I can prepare for this coming Friday.

The biggest “adjustment” was pushing my two lowest level Town Halls to TH6. While there were tons of upgrades remaining, the purpose was to get them to be able to participate in contributing Capital Gold. I just got my Capital Hall to level 2 so I have some troops which will enable me to participate in Clan Capital Raids. With five accounts using the Season Pass, I now can appreciate the higher up portions where you can get some sweet Capital Gold towards the end. It makes me question if I should get the Pass for my 6th account too as well as my two lower ones once they reach TH7 and have the normal seasons enabled.

Timing-wise, this might be good since I have all week to prepare and build up my Clan Capital a bit. I suspect that most of what I will face should overwhelm me just because so many other clans probably are way ahead of me as well as having a lot more members. We will see how things progress but I know that with just 8 members, it’s going to be really rough. Again, I’d like to just be able to get some Raid Medals so that I can push my lower accounts faster especially when it comes to Dark Elixir and Builder Base resources.

Also, I ended up getting the 4th Builder on the two lower accounts. It was just too painful and slow. The 5th Builder is still up in the air but I know that I can’t really spend gems for a while. Instead, I need to farm up whatever gems I can and try to hit the bigger achievements.

One thing that I did try was the Witch Slap army composition. Since a new set of Season Challenges appeared, I decided to use the Healer version where you take 4 Healers to assign to two squads set on opposing sides of the map. Let me say that my Witches crushed the first base I encountered. Unfortunately, my Gold Storage is now filled up for at least an hour so I can’t really attack nor upgrade anything as my Builders are all occupied. But I was pleasantly surprised at the efficacy of this combo. Because of that though, I must now upgrade a TON of troops to really optimize this combo. Eventually, I hope to switch off the Healers for three Golems as I am a big fan of the Ice Golem + Witch combo. Either way, I can see myself sticking with this combo for a while since I should be able to handle most TH9s.

My other two TH9s though still require a great deal of Dark Elixir to bring up their Witches. That’s why getting those precious Raid Medals mean so much right now. At TH9, Dark Elixir still is a bit hard to come by and I feel that level 2 Witches are going to be a major barrier to entry in getting through this level. Eventually, I will get back to upgrading my Heroes but my troops currently are the priority.

Something that I’m also considering is when to sacrifice resources and a Builder for more Clan Capital. I haven’t seen the difficulty of Clan Raids yet but if they’re anything like the Builder Base then matchmaking will suck until you grind enough upgrades, especially troops to a sufficient level. What really blows is that the cost doesn’t scale with the number of people in your clan. Instead, the cost are static so Clans with tons of members are going to progress far faster. I cannot understate how much I hate seeing pyramid schemes in games but pretty much that’s the truth about this aspect of the game.

Something else I’ve been thinking about is when to upgrade to TH10. I was listening to Clashing with Eric and his advice was not to worry about maxing out your Heroes at TH9 since it takes a LONG time and that Dark Elixir is rare. Instead, he advised that once you get your Heroes to around level 20, you should be fine. When you look at what Supercell has done, it really is silly that they created this huge ladder of an upgrade for both your heroes. I think it’s a bit of a trap since TH9 has a ridiculous amount of upgrades. But when I was around TH9-10, I didn’t really find having that high level of a hero to be that much more helpful. Instead, being at a higher level allowed me to advance faster because I would have more access to better loot, troops and defenses. Around TH11 is where I found a sweet spot just because Electro Dragons could carry my base pretty well. Also, once I got the Stone Slammer, most bases wouldn’t stand a chance at that level (most bases meaning those that were poorly laid out for an Electro Dragon attack). Once I got to that level, I was able to really push my Heroes since the available resources from each attack were incredible.

So perhaps the solution is to continue pushing towards TH11 where that sweet spot is. I still want to get enough of my basics defenses and army upgraded where I don’t fall behind too badly. But I don’t want to be constantly pulverized in lopsided battles.

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