Clash of Clans: Clan War Probable Failure Yet Success Too

As Clash of Clans’ 10 year anniversary comes to a close soon, I decided to put myself into a Clan War just hoping to score enough XP to level up my clan. The bases I was up against were a mismatch as I was again overpowered by my enemy but I did manage to score enough raw XP so that I could use that to (by tomorrow) reach Clan level 2. You could say that it’s a bittersweet victory in defeat but this situation will allow me to participate in Clan Capital Raids for next week and hopefully start scoring some much needed Raid Medals.

Before going into my current overall progress with my 8 accounts, I wanted to talk about what I’m starting to see with these Clan Wars. First, the matchmaking is quite frustrating. While I did end up managing to three star 4 of the 5 bases, it’s the main base that I’ve been having the most trouble with. In this case, I couldn’t even get a single star. I think I was so nervous that I flubbed my attack and went for the wrong side of the base which pretty much ensured my demise. Also, it’s clear that I need to have more variety of troops so that I can handle other situations. That means, I’m going to need to start mastering other army compositions. The first one that comes to mind is the Hybrid Queen Walk. While I did start to use Hog Riders at TH7, I was not truly using the full potential of a real hybrid attack. So right now I’m thinking that I might give that attack another try at TH10 when my three accounts get there and donated siege machines along with Miners become available. For now, I’m going to continue using my Dragon attacks at TH9 until I can build up my Witches, Golems and eventually Hog Riders.

The other thing that I figure I’ll need to do eventually is build up my Lava Hounds and level up my Balloons. For my TH13’s last attack, I used Super Dragons, which barely annihilated the 2nd most powerful base in the war. But I can’t always depend on Super Dragons especially going against TH13+. At least, I can’t just use Zap Super Dragons as is. Similarly, I’m beginning to think that I shouldn’t keep my TH12 for much longer than another season or two at the most. Luckily, I did get my Archer Queen to level 65 which means I can devote the rest of the Dark Elixir to my Barbarian King and Book of Heroes to my Grand Warden for this season. Yet having more powerful troops, spells and access to the Royal Champion might be what I need.

The other thing that I realized is that my three TH9s are very weak. I know I’ve been pushing them hard and not leveling up the lower level defenses as much as I should but I think TH11 is where things will start to even out and become easier overall. At least by then, I’ll have access to Electro Dragons, siege machines and a more reliable strategy that I’m good at so that wars will hopefully be a lot better for me. But I don’t see that part happening for at least another month at this rate.

Now, let’s talk about progress. For my TH13, my Archer Queen hit level 70 and I’m trying to devote more Dark Elixir to my Royal Champion, who is at level 12. I want her to be level 15 by the end of the season if possible. That way I can one shot some of the harder hitting defenses down the road. All my Air Defenses are now complete for this Town Hall level which just leaves the X-Bows in my core along with traps. But I have started upgrading another Wizard Tower and probably will slowly go around the base upgrading other Wizard Towers once I obtain the resources and as Builders free up. I believe tomorrow’s last Clash Anniversary reward is a Rune of Gold. So I can employ that down the road for either my last X-Bow upgrade for TH13 or another Wizard Tower.

My TH12 is in a weird spot where the main defenses are upgraded or in the process of being upgraded but I have all the “boring” upgrades to do like traps, Archer Towers and Cannons. Right now, I’m trying to get all the Cannons and TH11 type of defenses upgraded and probably will spare a Builder to start devoting to traps once he’s done with my last Dark Barracks. Also, the Archer Queen is level 65 which again means all Books of Heroes will go to my Grand Warden whenever possible.

For my TH9s, I’m currently focused on leveling up my Heroes. That part is starting to get challenging as the amount of Dark Elixir is quite low and the star bonus isn’t very good. In addition, my Heroes are competing against Golems and some other crucial troops so they might not get upgraded too quickly in the near future. That forces me to continue using Dragons while I build up Dark Elixir and upgrade the other troops little by little. I’m hoping that with two Clan Capital Raid weekends, I can score enough Raid Medals to buy the precious Dark Elixir from the trader. In particular, the Witch is quite costly so two of those accounts will need to wait a bit before I can get her upgraded. That said, even with the resources available, the real difficulty is time since it’s getting longer and longer to upgrade buildings. So at this stage, I don’t know if I’ll be ready by the end of the month to have TH10s.

That said, I’m hoping with getting access to my Clan Capital that I can start earning some Raid Medals for that extra boost. One thing that I really want to purchase beyond Dark Elixir are Builder Base resources. The real goal there is to get the 6th Builder sometime down the line. But I think the trader will help greatly if I can succeed at Clan Capital Raids. So lots of carrots on the stick for getting that far.

For my lower level accounts, I upgraded my 6th account to TH7 and my accounts 7-8 are now at TH5. The TH7 should be able to participate in Clan Games later this month but I’m worried that the slowness of only having three Builders will cause these other accounts to not get there in time. So I might end up purchasing at least the 4th Builder for them. I won’t be purchasing the Season Pass for the TH7 though since it really is overkill. However, in all cases I need to unfortunately participate in Versus Battles, which I really don’t like. But I have found a few army compositions that work at lower levels like 3 camps of Raged Barbarians and 1 camp of Minions. On my 3rd account, I’m close to upgrading my Builder Base to the next level which would eventually unlock the much needed Cannon Carts. So I’m thinking that I might make a big push on that account to get to that point since that’s one of the main components of getting a 6th Builder.

At any rate, I’m excited for this stupid war to finish up so that I can finally access my Clan Capital. After this, I’m not sure if I’ll pursue another war in the near future, but at least I’ll have a little more room for the treasury space.




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