Clash of Clans: Baby Dragons and Donations

Clan Castle donations are a pretty big deal especially when it comes to seasonal challenges. While 20 points does not seem like a lot, they add up quickly especially day after day of missing out. Around TH9 I’ve found that donating becomes quite a great thing during the season early on just to get some of those early challenges nailed and push the +10% bonuses through especially if you have low level Town Halls that still are dependent on hand outs.

One of the most useful donations are the Baby Dragons. Right up until around TH5, Baby Dragons are a real terror against low level Town Halls because most don’t have the Air Defense. And even if they have the Air Defense, you can just use some Giants and Wall Breakers to make a hole since most bases aren’t that deep yet. Once you get the Air Defense down, you can set the Baby Dragon out and have it eliminate most of the rest of the base except for Archer Towers, which you can send in anything else that doesn’t get picked off quite so easily.

So now that I’ve got three additional Town Halls at TH9, I made it a goal to push at least one Barracks per base to level up to level 11 so that I can donate two troops (Baby Dragon and Balloon) to my fledgling TH4s. As those two Town Halls are leveling up quite slowly (with only one finally getting the 3rd Builder today), I still have opportunities to donate to those and should throughout the current season. With my TH6 I take a Yeti which only my top two accounts can donate to. But once I move up a notch, I will also be able to donate Hog Riders since TH7 are quite good at that level.

Along with that my other goal in the short term future is to upgrade my Golems and Witches. I managed to upgrade my Witches on my 3rd account and am farming Elixir to upgrade the Dragons. But for my other two accounts, I need quite a bit of Dark Elixir to get that Witch upgrade. What I might do for now is just upgrade the Golems and slowly farm the Dark Elixir for the Witch upgrade. At the moment, I find that my Dragon attacks have mostly been successful but I think once I start getting deeper into other TH9 attacks, those Dragon attacks will become more limited in terms of success. So I need to get the base troops for the Witch Slap army composition ready.

I did upgrade my Archer Queen on my main account to level 70 today. Pretty nice accomplishment which will allow me to focus the rest of the season either on my Grand Warden or my Royal Champion, depending on how much excess resources I have in those cases. I would like to get the Royal Champion to level 15 though. Unfortunately, I did notice that Dark Elixir cost is starting to exceed that of my Barbarian King. But I do wish to get my Royal Champion’s special ability to the next level before switching back to my Barbarian King.

My Th12 is close to an Archer Queen level 65. Once one of the traps finishes tonight, I’m going to spend a chunk of Dark Elixir and put her under for a few days. Shame that I don’t have enough gems to buy a Book of Heroes but can’t be helped. It’s better to get the Archer Queen upgraded now than later.

That said, I think I’m going to hold off Clan Wars for another week. I just have too many key upgrades in progress and don’t want to feel weak again going into one of those. For instance, I want my Royal Champion finished before starting a Clan War while my Archer Queen for my TH12 to be done. Also, I’ve got various key upgrades on my TH9s that need to finish up. So it’s just too many things.

I think the next few days will prove fruitful. Once these upgrades are settled, I should have everything lined up for a Clan War. I guess I shouldn’t really worry but I started too late in the week. So no sense worrying.


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