Clash of Clans: To Clan War or Not to Clan War?

Two days before the raid weekend, I need to make a decision: start a new Clan War or wait another week. Currently, I’ve been pushing my bases to improve my Heroes which means I will be severely weakened during a war. Also, my TH12 is upgrading one of the Dark Barracks which severely reduces the time to handle create my normal army. That puts me in a dilemma where I need to decide whether to just say fuck it and run with a war without worrying about the consequences so that I can start doing Clan Capital Raids or wait another week for minor conveniences.

I suppose the real issue depends upon what type of bases I will encounter. I wanted to get my current group leveled up to the point where offensively I will be in a good place. In order to get in place, I need to finish up some Barracks, the Dark Barracks and a few key upgrades like Lightning Spells, etc. But that would take another week or so. On the other hand, if by some miracle I land enemies who are below my level (and get matched a lot better such as TH8s and TH12s for my upper level), then I think I shouldn’t have much of an issue. However, all I’m really hoping to get is enough XP to level my Clan up, which really isn’t a lot (roughly a little under 40xp) so I’m thinking that it might just be better if I put myself in a Clan War and do my best. Not to mention that there is the normal season challenge of Clan War battles that’s worth 200 points.

For my current situation, I’ve finally managed to max out my Army Camps for my 3rd account. At the same time, I’ve been working on the 2nd Dark Barracks and am close to finishing up the Witch lab upgrade. Once I get a few more key upgrades like the Golem, I should be ready to swap over armies. Also, I’m pushing each of my TH9s to upgrade their normal Barracks to enable training Baby Dragons. The reason for that is twofold: 1) because there is a season challenge to get a star with at least one Baby Dragon and 2) For donations which will allow me to start handing troops to my lower level accounts and get season challenge points that way.

A lot of this is pretty painful because the upgrade time has become 1-2 days for TH9. Some of the lab upgrades are hitting 3+ days. Compared to TH13 and up, that isn’t bad but still pretty numbing at this level. But I am glad to have picked up the season pass for these other accounts since the cost reduction is quite convenient. I think the biggest thing at this level is the reduction in resource cost. At higher level Town Halls, the reduction cost is more on the time scale.

Nonetheless, it is a grind. One thing that did help was the Clash Anniversary stuff. There were some key sales in the Shop that I picked up for my higher level accounts while my lower level accounts found the Builder Potion x2 helpful. Today, we received Super Hero potions which will eventually translate to +20 gems. Nonetheless, at this stage, anything and everything is a boon. Also, there is a challenge game available for more bonuses. But I’m not into that and don’t want to play 8 accounts at this stage for this thing. I seemed to have already missed the first one and you are required to hit all three stars to receive the reward. So meh.

The big goal I’m working towards on my TH9’s at the moment is getting my Archer Queen to level 10 across the board. Once that happens, I’ll probably upgrade the Barbarian King and exchange to the Archer Queen. Some people recommend you put both down simultaneously but I don’t have that type of resources. I want to try the Witch Slap army composition first because I’ve been told you can use that army to beat most bases without Heroes. I’m always a little skeptical but that’s another thing I’m shooting towards.

Also, I will say that at this level there’s just so many things to upgrade. It’s overwhelming even if you have 5 Builders at this time. But I do feel that this is where Clash of Clans begins to open up a bit. I think TH10 is a lot more fun and would be better once I get to that point just because you get more spells, housing space and the siege machine. But the big one is TH11 just because Electro Dragons are such a surefire army composition at that level once you understand what to look for in an enemy base.

At any rate, for my TH12, I’m starting to hit the crossroads where I am debating when to push to TH13. All the major defenses have been upgraded (stuff that I consider major) with mostly traps, Archer Towers, Cannons, etc. as the remaining stuff. I think I can get a lot of that upgraded this season. But TH13 becomes such a turning point in the game where every upgrade is 2 weeks and that you need to deal with the Royal Champion on top of your other heroes that I think I’m just not ready. On the other hand, I’m not in a bad spot where I need more powerful siege machines so the incentive isn’t the same. Not to mention I already have a TH13 that can provide some of the most crucial troops.

As for my TH13, that one has such a long way to go. The core might be finished this season (except for traps) but there’s so much outer defenses that need upgrades that it’s just going to take forever. The Walls haven’t even been fully upgraded to TH12’s level and I can’t see them being done by the time I reach TH14. Also, my heroes are a real pain to upgrade. I’m close to getting an Archer Queen level 70 but I would have 5 more levels for this Town Hall before I can say she’s maxed. It’s really a sprint at this point in a long marathon of upgrades.

Nevertheless, I’m still debating whether to do the Clan War. I probably should and damn be the consequences (which there are none). I just hope to do more in the near future.

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