Clash of Clans: New Season and 5 Accounts to Work Through

So out of impulse last night, I decided to purchase the Season Pass on my current 5 as I grind through the start of the season. I saw a few key items down the line that I wanted to motivate me in buying the Season Pass but ultimately it boiled down to me having a rotten night since I had been super stressed over the weekend regarding the rental car and needed something to perk me up. Besides, I think at the rate I’m going, I should be able to hit TH10 in 3 weeks.

With last season ending, I ended up spending the bulk of the resources on Walls. My thought process on getting Season Passes for these other three accounts was to hopefully accumulate enough resources so that by the end of the month, I’ll have all my Walls upgraded. In the meantime, the big bonuses will mostly come from the time reduction and possibly any extra Builder Base resources. But now that I’m all in with this, I am going to be pushing a few key buildings that I wasn’t planning originally.

The main building that I need to upgrade is my Barracks for the Baby Dragons. With my three underling accounts, I make heavy use of Baby Dragons and Balloons. The lower two only have two Builders a piece so those are going to be upgraded very slowly in comparison, which in this case is good because it means I should be able to start donating troops from more accounts. And with the level reduction, having high level Baby Dragons won’t matter at this stage.

With my later two TH9s, I’m trying to really push my Archer Queens to level 5 before the boost ends. That shouldn’t be too difficult when you factor in the season bank and daily bonus. But TH9 is pretty grindy in the sense that you should try to get the Barbarian King and Archer Queen as high as possible since it just slows down over time. Since there are just so many things to build and upgrade at TH9, I’m probably going to need three weeks to where my bases at this level are serviceable. I am keeping an eye out for TH10 though since I will be able to start using Siege Machines, which make fights so much easier. Once I get those, I should be able to coast a bit.

That all said, with the new season starting, I would like to get in a Clan War soon. I think for the next one I want to at least have enough Heroes available on my main accounts just in case I get another screwed up scenario where my enemies’ Town Halls far exceed mine. I felt like that was a key factor along with too many core buildings being under construction where I lost my first Clan War. But I feel I am very close in the amount of XP to level up soon and if I can get to Clan level 2, I will be able to participate in Clan Capital Raids this weekend.

For my other three accounts, the progress is going moderately. My TH5 is doing decently just because that one has 5 Builders. But the other two are struggling to push with only two Builders. So the goal is to acquire enough Gems to get at least one more. I have a feeling it’ll take at least a month to get 3 Builders and to hit TH6 at this rate. But again those accounts are just for when I’m bored. In those cases, I managed to hit TH4 so that’s where things pick up a bit. I haven’t cleared many obstacles just yet so I’ll probably at some point sit down and farm those gems because two Builders just isn’t enough.

I did see the new skin and thought it was strange. But for my main account, I will be able to eventually make use of it. It’s an old beat box skin for the Royal Champion. I like the one I’m already using which is the Shadow one. But once I acquire it, I’ll use it just to shift things around. I’m still more interested in unlocking the Clan Capital at this stage just because I know the rewards for my lower accounts will be great.

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