Clash of Clans: Two More Accounts

So after some deliberation, I decided to create two more accounts, one earlier in the day and one after dinner. I just was bored and figured that if I had a 7th, might as well create the 8th. So far, no 3rd builder and one already has a Clan Castle. But without the extra builders, it will take much longer to catch up. Because I realized that it would take much longer to catch up, I determined now would be the best to start these accounts.

Right now, the main goal will be to get these accounts to TH6. I’m sure the 6th account should reach that point soon but that account has all 5 Builders hooked in which means that the process will be quicker. Yet the real trick is to avoid spending money. It’s very tempting and even creating two more accounts for me was almost a no-no and a sign of weakness. Looking at the time it was taking for some buildings to complete, I decided to go for it in the hopes that both can reach the point that I need them to be.

And yes, I am looking ahead to the end of next month where I am thinking about Tier 5 rewards from Clash Games. It sounds dull, repetitive and silly but I need more ways to improve my Clan overall. Since I really haven’t managed to find any friends willing to join me or who play, this pretty much has been my only path to moving up while having control over what I do. Also, I just can’t stand waiting around for things to complete. It really bugs me more than anything. Guess why a game like this is dangerous for someone like me.

Regardless, I’m hoping to get these two new accounts to TH4 tonight. I’m still in the process of working on getting the 8th account a Clan Castle so it can join the rest of the squad. Once that happens, the early parts of the game become extremely easy as you just need to train up Baby Dragons to take down low level Town Halls. The most important thing is to score your first bonus reward and ensure that you have enough storage space so you can upgrade your Clan Castle at TH3-4. Nothing else comes close to that priority.

But I am going to really try this time to go strictly free to play on these two accounts. I want to see how long it takes to get the next set of Builders. I think the good thing about having these baby accounts is that they feel lackluster compared to the others while still having enough freshness to make me want to push them. One thing I wish though is that they would offer better starter packs that just bundle up the three Builders at a discount. As I start taking on low level bases in multiplayer at these early levels, the common thing I see is that many look abandoned. My guess is that a lot of people probably gave the game a try and got attacked once or twice then gave up.

Either way, I’m going to just keep these as “background accounts” where I play them casually and just see how far I can go. Maybe by the time Clan Games arrives and we get into next season, my other accounts will be far ahead enough to where Clan Capital Raids become a thing for me and really help move these low level accounts up faster. I mean here’s one line of thought in how some of these elements can come together. You have Tier 5 Clan Games rewards with a small amount of Gems. Maybe after 2-3 months, you can get enough of those along with the normal achievements to secure your 4th builder. The 5th Builder will be a lot more challenging but I think a year’s worth of consistent playing and participation should be enough.

Well, this is what happens when most of the games you play are boring or dead and you need something else to feel like you’re making progress with your life.

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