Clash of Clans: Upgrading To TH9 and Finished First Clan War

A lot happened in the past few days (not just in the game) for me, including finishing a novel, starting some new work and getting an annoying bill that I think is really a scam that I need to clear with my insurance company. But for the game itself I made a few significant pushes as well as tried out my first Clan War. So I wanted to cover all these things as I have some time right now (which feels like the calm before the storm for me considering I have that issue with the car that I can’t resolve until Monday).

Just now, I received the Clan Wars results where I barely lost but managed to get a solid +64 XP and some resource rewards. I was off by a point which could’ve tied us and if the matchmaking system was better, I probably would have beaten the higher level Town Hall that I simply had no chance at (only got 1 star from that). Despite the loss, the fact that I got +64 XP and some resource rewards made it all worth the effort. Obviously, I want to win one in the future but the bigger thing is that I’m now 37 XP away from a Clan level 2. That means, all I need is one more Clan War with a similar situation and I should be able to level up my Clan. That part is going to be huge as next week I should be able to start participating in Clan Capital Raids, which I will need down the line for the season challenge. Also, having the ability to participate in Clan Wars means that I should be able to get more season challenge rewards early on.

A few key take away points in doing this are:

  • Making sure that no key defense buildings are being upgraded for the more powerful bases
  • Making sure all the heroes are not in the process of being upgraded as those can make a huge difference during a battle
  • Even if you lose the war, you still gain something which is better than nothing
  • Rushing a base isn’t so bad if you’re willing to accept that your base will get destroyed. But as long as you still have a strong offense, you can take down quite a bit
  • Actually not participating is worse than losing a war because you lose out on the Clan Perks, which are major

It was a good exercise overall but I think I’m going to make sure my Heroes at my higher level Town Halls will be usable before going into one of these. The TH14 that I went against was really hard. I probably should have used a stronger army composition but said fuck it and went Ice Golem + Witches. I think if I understood the LavaLoon strategy I could’ve two star’d that base. But the real issue was that it wasn’t a fair match up.

The other thing that I’m thinking is that getting more alt accounts will definitely help in the future. Of course, they will be at a lower level but having the option of rotating in and out bases while certain ones are being upgraded I think will make a huge difference. Like if I had more accounts at the TH9 level or so, I think this war would have been a lot fairer. But since I didn’t include my high level accounts, I probably would’ve not gained as much Clan XP. So there’s some trade offs in these strategies.

With that said, let’s talk about recent upgrades. The big thing today was pushing my two TH8 accounts to TH9. Once my last Gold Storage units were maxed for that level, I figured it was time to make the upgrade. On my 5th account, I was seeing too many TH9+ appear and figured that sticking around at TH8 would just hamper me. Also, I wanted to really make use of the upcoming Season Bank dump in two days so that along with the bonus loot x4 from your dailies can really help with the initial setup of a TH9.

My 6th account was also pushed to TH5 and probably won’t stay there long. Once that account is at the TH6 level, I will be able to participate in Clan Games. And even if that account doesn’t do much, the important thing will be getting the rewards. But I think for now, I might wait a little longer before making any new accounts. Because of the rental car bill, I can’t predict how my finances are going to be this month but I’m trying to be a little conservative. So I probably will have to delay the 7th and 8th account creation for at least a week if not more. Besides 6 accounts as is still remains quite a lot of work. I could just go super casual and not worry about 3rd-4th Builders but I’m not sure how much patience I have. I might just keep this weekend simple and clean up rather than go hard core at anything.

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