Clash of Clans: TH9 Is Now

With a few days left in the season, I figured it was time to pick up a TH9 for my 3rd account. I’m really rushing fast in trying to hit TH11 where I’ll park more bases and do the bulk of my upgrades. For now though, trying to get to that point I want to progress just enough and be capable offensively. I still have yet to do a Clan War so my bases probably will get demolished. But that’s something I’m willing to risk as long as I can aim for key rewards to help with other upgrades.

Already, I put the Archer Queen down which was huge since you get that nice boost for a few days. But the hard part is getting other critical buildings upgraded like the all important Spell Factory, your Lab, the Army Camps and Dark Barracks. And even with the Lab you need to wait a few days before seeing the fruits of your labor manifest to even access the ability to upgrade your troops and spells. So all in all, it’s a very grindy process. With the season ending, I’m eyeing a Builder Book up for sales but have to keep myself from becoming too tempted. If the season had a Book of Building within it, then I would’ve considered buying it just because I’d receive a ton of other stuff now that it’s complete. Unfortunately, that does mean I won’t be able to receive a maxed out Season Bank since it’s just too late to accumulate enough resources to make that aspect worth while.

On the other hand, I predict next season (which will be soon) to make available a Book of Building so I probably will go all in with all my bases (except my 6th one) for the Season Pass especially if I can get two more TH9s in the next few days. The idea of doing this is that the Season Pass will provide so much resources at the end of the month that I should be able to upgrade all my Walls at this low of a level. I could’ve done it for this season but I didn’t know just how far I could go.

Also, I think I should be able to hit TH10 next month possibly by the 3rd week. TH10 isn’t my favorite Town Hall level because it’s on the edge where you get access to Electro Dragons, which are a fantastic army and you’re still missing the 12th spell (which can take down all the Air Defenses). But you receive a siege machine for your Clan Castle, which I have not used at that level since previously I didn’t have access to the Workshop. By the time I get to TH10 on my accounts, I should have my Siege Barracks and Stone Slammer maxed out. I might even start leveling up the Battle Blimp on my TH12 since my TH13 will probably be upgrading a different troop. But I know for certain having the Stone Slammer, Siege Barracks and Log Launcher available are going to be a huge difference makers in TH10.

For my other two TH8s, I’m currently pushing my Gold Storage as fast as I can. Then once it hits level 11, I’m going to use my Rune of Gold then upgrade my Town Hall to level 9. That way, when the next season drops, I’ll have plenty of resources as well as a few days of a boost. I might even start looking into Clan Wars. I think once I get to TH9, it won’t be as difficult to get into those. But I fear that having this mixed level clan might make it more difficult. We’ll see how that all works out.

One thing I did learn was that for Clan Wars, you still get experience for your Clan just by one star’ing a base. So I’m thinking that even at a loss that’s better than waiting until the end of next month to get that last 101xp to hit a level 2 Clan. And let’s face it, the real reason to get to that level 2 is for the Clan Capital Raids. I’m hoping that if that works out, I should get enough medals to use for my lower level accounts. Like my newest account would benefit tremendously at the Builder Base level. Otherwise, this continues to be a very painful grind with very little help beyond monthly Clan Games rewards (which aren’t the best) and Clan Castle donations.

Speaking of newer account, I managed to level that to TH4. Hopefully, in a day or two, I can get that one to TH5. I want to ensure that sometime in a week or two, it will be at TH6. Even if I don’t start anymore new accounts for a while, I want a spare for helping out with Clan Games down the road. I really loved getting Tier 4 +bonus rewards from this Clan Games. The +200xp was a tremendous boost and made me realize that if I had 3 more accounts, I could’ve had access to my Clan Capital finally. So I lament that aspect but it is what it is. Given what I’m seeing here, I might just stagger the next two planned accounts by one week behind one another to keep everything fresh. It’s so easy to hit TH3 and with a Clan Castle, you pretty much will destroy right up until Th6 blind. But I think on this schedule, it shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks total to drive an account up to TH6 if you don’t mind not upgrading every little thing. And I must admit not getting that Dark Elixir towards the end stunk for my TH8-9.

As for my newer account, I’m in a good spot. One thing I really want to do with my TH9 and the soon-to-be TH8-9s is to get at least one Barracks to be able to donate Baby Dragons. In that manner, I will get another season challenge +20points that I’m missing since I never use those accounts to donate. Everything has been put into the hands of my top two accounts. But once those these three accounts get their Barracks upgraded, I should be able to start donating to any lower level accounts. In addition, that idea just encourages me to stagger account creation since that’ll give these mid accounts some time to prepare.

Overall, if you can look at what I managed to accomplish in roughly a single month, it’s pretty sweet. I really want to push my Clan up a bit and I think everything here has really helped. Just as I was writing this, I decided to start a Clan War search. Not sure how I’ll do but I’m hoping that I have an easy first War that I can squash.

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