Clash of Clans: 6th Account and Progress

Finally, I made the choice to create the 6th account. I gave in and bought the 3rd Builder too, which I had sworn not to do. It’s just that at $3, it felt like a deal. I’m not sure if I’ll pick up the 4th one just yet because it’s $5 (yes, I am a vulnerable person but I rationalized all this by stating that it’s a reward for finishing my novel). Right now, the account is on its way to TH4 so I’m hoping by the end of next month, it too will be participating in Clash Games. For now, I’ve got a few goals set on the immediate horizon and wanted to share them here.

Since the season is ending in a few days, I’m starting to think about next month. My TH13 and TH12 accounts are at the stage where progress is very slow and I can only get a few key ones done. But since I’m not as concerned about pushing them as hard anymore now that I have 4 more accounts (and possibly 2 more on the way), I probably will only be getting the season passes for them and no more books that may go up for purchase. Once the season ends, I’m going to put at least one Builder on my Archer Queen to get her to level 70. That’s going to be a massive upgrade. Then the rest of the focus for next month will be on the Royal Champion in trying to get her to level 15. I just finished level 11 for her so I don’t think it’s out of the question.

My TH12 will see me pushing my Archer Queen to level 65. Right now, I’m not playing that account because two of my heroes are being upgraded and I tend to avoid attacking during upgrades. But my Archer Queen will be level 63 and I still have my Rune of Dark Elixir as well as the season bank to access in a few days. So with that level of resources, I should be able to easily get her to level 65 in two weeks. Whatever remaining Dark Elixir will go to troops and my Barbarian King, who is badly under leveled at this stage. Defense-wise, a good chunk of my important defenses are finished and I’m starting to focus more on things like traps and Archer Towers. So I can’t see this account staying at TH12 for more than a month at this rate.

For my 3rd account, which is at TH8, I’m trying to finish up as much as I can right before the season ends. Then once the Season Bank become accessible, I’m going to use it for upgrading my Town Hall. I may even try upgrading my Town Hall in advance just to be prepared for the Season Bank drop. That way, I can work on things like the Dark Barracks, which is going to be critical at TH9 since I will gain access to Witches. Besides the Town Hall upgrade, I’m looking at the priorities for my TH9 start as:

  • Dark Barracks (for Witches)
  • Archer Queen (maybe even a bigger priority than the Dark Barracks)
  • Spell Factory (for +2 Spells)
  • Clan Castle (for +5 Housing Space to use for Bowlers in switching to Golems, Witches and Bowler attacks)
  • Lab (so that I can push my Witches)
  • Army Camp (for another +20 Housing Space)
  • 4th Air Defense (because this almost guarantees pissing off lower level Dragon attacks)
  • 2nd Sweeper (same as above)
  • X-Bows
  • Anything else

One of the main reasons I’m eager to push without having everything completely upgraded is that all my foes are much higher bases with the majority being TH9 at this stage. So I think it’s just better to race to TH11, getting what I can upgraded but not worrying about every little defense that provides meager upgrades. I’m still going to get smashed right up until TH12 where I’ve found less successful attacks against me. Also, I think getting to around TH10-11 is where the game really picks up. As long as your fundamentals are in good shape and you continue getting the right upgrades, you should be okay.

For my other two accounts at TH8, I’ve managed to either get the Barbarian King to level 10 or am currently upgrading him to level 10. The other upgrades that I’m trying to finish up are the Golems to level 2 and enough Barracks before heading into TH9. Since I’ve saved the Rune of Gold from the pre-season journey, I’m starting to get itchy to use it. The main thing holding me back is my Gold Storage. I’m trying to get that maxed out for TH8. Then I can use it then push the Town Halls into 9 with that just in time for the season bank to overflow my storage units.

Then with my latest account, the main thing would be to get it ready for TH6 for next month. If I get two more accounts on top of this one and they’re at TH6 for next month, I should be able to get to Tier 5 rewards and be ready for Clan Capital Raids. I still hope to do Clan Wars so that I can get into Clan Capital Raids but I’ve just been super lazy as of late and it’s like everything with me when it comes to new things. Until I do it at least once or twice, I get really nervous. I don’t know why because all this is just me. But I really have to get over my fears because a lot are irrational. In this case, it really won’t matter if I win or lose because it’s just me doing everything and there’s no consequence to others. It’s just a weird mental cycle I go through which makes me funny.

But with all that said, I’m pretty excited for next month’s upcoming content. I still would like to get Clan Capital Raids going but it’s going to be a while until I can get my Clan to level 2. Sucks that I have only one mechanism at the moment. But I might just stick my clan in a war situation since you can just wait while it goes on in the background.


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