Clash of Clans: 6th Account Incoming!

In a major life development this morning, I finished my novel! YES! What that entails is a LOT more free time especially mental free time, energy and finding my next cause in life. So for starters, I figured that the best way to celebrate is to create a new Clash of Clans account since I didn’t anticipate finishing up my novel. That said, I might do another staggered account creation process where the next two days I will create more (unless I get bored quickly with this one).

Now, the trick for me in these next three accounts is to remain disciplined by avoiding spending a dime until at least I get some money rolling in (which I may soon) and focus mostly on the F2P aspects. But what I’m hoping to accomplish for the coming month of course is the Tier 5 of Clan Games rewards now that I have a reliable method to making that all work. Because I’m planning to go F2P for these three accounts, I might not be able to hit the Town Hall levels as fast as accounts 3-5. But we’ll see since I’m a bit freer in my time.

While I would like to get the easy Clan Games rewards from this current season, I know that none of these accounts will be ready to garner any which is a little disappointing but fair given that they aren’t really ready to use such things. But I think they will be good for off times while my main stuff is being upgraded. In this manner, I should have enough stuff to do rather than just three battles or so in a row, maybe an upgrade or two then nothing for hours and sometimes days.

I will say that I like the staggered account idea where I use one as a preview for what I need to accomplish with the other two. Also, I’m not just repeating myself in small cycles. Then once these accounts reach a reasonable level, they can be used to rotate between my other accounts if I ever manage to get into a Clan War. I mean at this stage, it’s going to take at least a month where any of these newer accounts become usable but I want to have that option in the short term.

As far as my other progress is going, it’s really slow at this stage. My accounts 3-5 are just grinding through TH8 with my 4th account maxing out the Barbarian King today and my 5h account starting level 9. My main account at TH13 is waiting for the Royal Champion to finish upgrading to level 11 while my Grand Warden is taking 5 more days to hit level 46. So at the moment, I just don’t feel a need to push the higher level accounts since my Heroes are being upgraded and I don’t have any Builders available nor anything in particular worth upgrading.

I do think with these upcoming accounts, I might rush a bit. Not too much but I’m not going to spend all day/week upgrading every little Wall. That feels wasteful. And just from my recent experience with accounts 3-5, there really isn’t a major need to max out every single building. Even though the strategy of “engineered bases” is dead, I think there’s plenty of value pushing at a reasonable pace so you’re not completely left behind. I think that as long as you have reasonable offense and just enough defense to prevent your resources from being completely wiped out along with a decent enough base, you should not encounter too many problems. You still will be attacked and early on there’s really nothing you can do about not getting 3 star’d. You are just too vulnerable and most of the time, your best defenses probably will be undergoing an upgrade which is when you’ll get picked off.

Another reason I want to rush these accounts is to prepare to have the ability to do Clan Capital Raids. I’m still a ways away from participating because of lacking the necessary Clan experience but I think once I get there, having more accounts in general will help. It really sucks not having friends to be able to help out but at least with this game, you can still be independent enough to make it work. I just hope that when everything is lined up, I’m not going to be in the dumpster because of poverty or energiless from not having enough time in the day to do anything else.

But it might end up becoming like what Lost Ark was to me with alts. Meaning you get to the point where you only focus on a few accounts per day. Like my high level accounts once the season and Clan Games are done pretty much are put on hold since I’m waiting to collect my rewards from the season and Clan Games as well as wanting to leave a few Builders available once the big Season Bank drops. Thus, these other accounts gain a support function in that they will support my boredom while I’m waiting around. And maybe in the future there will come a time when I have 13 accounts. Who knows?

At any rate, I’m celebrating my novel completion and going to enjoy the rest of the day. Heck, I might even hit the gym soon.


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