Clash of Clans: Clan Games Day 3

So far things are exceeding all my expectations with Clan Games. Thus far, I’ve easily managed to secure the Tier 3 rewards and am working on Tier 4. My point average for this season’s Clan Games is roughly around 3k which is great because I’m able to distribute the load between accounts and thus far my strategy has worked. Part of the reason this has gone so well is that I’ve pushed all the big ticket point challenges to my lower accounts when they’re able to handle them while my higher level accounts tackle things like using PEKKAs or troops that my lower level accounts cannot handle at the moment.

With the way things are progressing, I’m going to make a shot at hitting 18k points for tomorrow to clear the Tier 4 rewards. Then whatever is left over, I’m going to max each account out in terms of points so that I can collect all 5 rewards. One goal that has worked along side this journey is that I’m also getting fairly decent loot. Already my Barbarian King on my 3rd account has been maxed to level 10 and I’m slowly working on the other two. I believe one just went to sleep again for level 7. Also, I’ve been pushing my Dark Barracks so that I can unlock Golems, which I plan to upgrade in the Lab soon. In this manner, all my TH8 accounts will be in good shape for TH9.

At this point in time, I don’t see an immediate need to push to TH9. I’m pretty content where these accounts are and that most of the battles I’ve been facing I haven’t lost yet. Of course, I’m being super choosy in my opponents and in the case of my 3rd account, have started seeing much higher level accounts very frequently pop up so I probably will move that account to TH9 in a week or so. But I want to ensure that my foundation is solid before progressing, even though in all likelihood, a lot of defenses, etc. won’t be maxed by the time I hit TH9. Instead, I just want enough where I can see continuous progression.

My main aim is to get these accounts to TH11 in 2-3 months. I know I’m being super impatient but I do think that by then I will no longer have to rush because the overall progression will start to slow massively. TH11 though is quite reliable once you get your Electro Dragons set up. And in having the level 3 Stone Slammer already, demolishing bases should be fairly trivial at that level.

One super cool thing that I also accomplished was finishing up two max level Barracks on my TH13 account. Now, I am able to send Dragon Riders to my three lower accounts in doing my Zap Dragon attack. I have to say that the Dragon Rider is an amazing Clan Castle troop at this level. The key to use one with Dragons, I’ve learned, is that you need to find bases where at least one Air Defense sits near the edge of a base so that either your Barbarian King or Dragon Rider can take it down fast enough. Once the three Air Defenses and single Air Sweeper are taken down, the rest of the base becomes trivial (unless your Dragons decide to be utterly stupid, which they are most of the time). But right now, this attack strategy is quite reliable against TH8 and below.

I am trying to avoid TH9+ just because you have to face more air defenses like the Archer Queen, the 4th Air Defense, another Air Sweeper, etc. Pretty much you have to return to the ground for TH9, which is why I’m pushing hard to build up my Golems. The strategy I’ve seen at TH9 is Witch Slap, which consist of taking enough Witches (around x8), a Golem, 5 Bowlers in the Clan Castle (mandatory), x4 Healers for your Witches and Jump spells since your Bowlers and Witches might struggle against the Walls at this stage. Unlike before though, the reason why this strategy is going to be great at TH9 is that you no longer have to worry about spending your Dark Elixir for this army composition.

Something else that I’ve been working on is my Builder Bases. Despite having a great deal of hatred for the Builder Base, I finally discovered enough of a strategy to get some victories. Right now I’m at BH3-4 and am using all Raged Barbarians. I found that most players end up hiding their Crushers behind a wall while their Firecrackers snipe away at Beta Minions (which can be good but at this level it’s too hit and miss). So what I’ve done is just spam Barbarians knowing that I’m going to perish once they get to the Crusher. If I’m lucky and the layout is bad, I can usually score between 60-80% destructi0n. But I know this formation will die to the Crusher so I’m pretty much sacrificing my entire army in the hopes that my percentage would carry me through at this level. I think if I could have the 4th Army Camp at my level, I’d swap in one camp of Beta Minions or Sneaky Archers to finish off the Crusher.

And the reason why I’m pushing the Builder Base is that, despite hating it so badly, the truth is that for Clan Games and Season Challenges, they’re immensely useful, even in defeat. While the 6th Builder will always be the ultimate carrot on the stick for motivating one into playing this crappy game, I still think the real value comes from Clan Games and Season Challenges, especially for a low level Clan like mine.

I think once Clan Games is over (or at least when I get enough points), I’m going to take a small break and just play my lower level accounts more casually. I’m just really motivated right now in being able to get that precious +200xp. What that means is that next season, I should be able to get my Clan to level 2, which will be HUGE. I have yet to do Clan Capital Raids and am itching to participate. I want to see how many raid medals I can get from that activity and how much of a difference the rewards will be for my lower level accounts. My thinking is that if Clan Raids proves valuable, I can use that to level more accounts. I mean stuff like Dark Elixir, Research Potions, the Clocktower Potion and Builder resources are invaluable to a new account. And if you think about it, it’s not really hard to get a base to TH6 to start accessing that reward system.

Also, I’m so close to finishing up my novel that it’s driving me insane. I’ve got other things coming down the pipeline but the novel is just a huge roadblock for me. Once that’s done though, I feel I’ll be able to do a lot more mentally rather than being in this mental funk that has caused me to sit on my couch trying to fight with daily writers block and edging out 3-4 pages a day. But my financial situation really is demanding me to get it done at all cost now which has lit a necessary fire under my fat ass. If all goes right, then I would like to finish this thing up this week. We’ll see how that goes.

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