Clash of Clans: Clan Games Day 2 And Big Progress

Clan Games is well underway and I’ve managed to secure Tier 2 rewards which has made me happy because of how fast this has been done. One thing I’ve been noticing with Clan Games is that there are a lot of repeat challenges, sometimes the same one you just did coming up again. But that doesn’t bother me as long as they aren’t unreasonable challenges. I’ve been trying to keep my main accounts doing the big ones as well as the annoying Versus Battles so that my lower level accounts are focused on easier tasks. Right now, each account has roughly the same amount of points, which is great for what I’m doing. What that means is that as long as I get steady challenges coming in, I might have a chance of getting Tier 4 loot.

One thing that I decided to do today was push my 4th and 5th accounts to TH8. Progress was just too slow at TH7 and I wanted to ensure that I could get challenges that were more loot based such as collect 400k worth of Elixir from Multiplayer Battles. In a situation like that, you’re better off with a higher level account since you can face more challenging bases that have more loot. Also, since I’ve switched over to pure Dragons as my attack force, I don’t have too many problems unless I completely flub and underestimate a base (e.g. the Clan Castle having troops that nail or distract my Dragons).

Because of the amount of Gems I managed to obtain and save for those two accounts, I was able to rush the most critical aspects of those bases like the Dark Spell Factory, an upgraded Lab, the next tier of Lightning Spell and the Clan Castle. Also, I believe I upgraded my Dragons too so that for this Town Hall level, they should be able to conquer the majority of the bases as long as I’m super selective. I do find a lot of TH9’s with the Archer Queen. The plan for moving into TH9 will be to get enough defenses ready but most importantly have Golems, the Rage spell, my Barbarian King and Dark Barracks all upgraded as I will be using Witches. All my storage units must be upgraded too, including the Dark Elixir storage which seems excessive but the plan will be to immediately drop down the Archer Queen upon reaching TH9. Initially, I might continue to use Dragons but might be forced to attack lower level bases until I can have my Spell Factory upgraded for another +2 spells. Unfortunately, even with that number of spells, I won’t be able to take out all four Air Defenses at this stage as well as the two Air Sweepers, which is why you want to switch back to a ground defense at this level.

However, the cool part about hitting TH9 is that your Clan Castle’s capacity goes up to 30 housing spaces. So along with Golems and Witches, you start using 5 Bowlers. Also, you don’t have to worry about Inferno Towers at this stage. You still won’t have access to siege machines which is a bit of a bummer so I think you have to still bring along some Wall Breakers and possibly Jump spells. I haven’t played Witches at this level so I don’t know how powerful their Skeleton armies are but at higher levels, mass Skeletons can bring down thick Walls relatively easily as long as you have enough.

Another thing that I’m anticipating is my TH13 completing two max level Barracks. Since I’ve gone Dragon composition, the thing I’m really missing is a smart troop to handle the last Air Defense. Balloons themselves are too vulnerable and the Dragon you can donate, while powerful on its own, just isn’t fast enough nor strong enough to solo an Air Defense if it’s buried within the core of a base. So what I’m thinking is to give the Dragon Rider a try and see how it fares against a lower level Air Defense. From what I’ve read, Dragon Riders are faster and focus on defenses. But they also have quite a number of hit points at this level as well as practically double the damage. So this might be a good opportunity to give this troop a chance here.

So tomorrow’s goal is going to be trying to reach Tier 3 rewards. I think it’s very doable as long as the challenges aren’t unreasonable. I still have a good 5 days to go on this, which feels like plenty of time to at least achieve Tier 3. But I really will try to make it all the way to Tier 4 since the incentive there is to max out my challenge points on every account. In that manner, not only will I be able to qualify for 4 rewards, I can get a bonus 5th reward along with +200xp for my Clan. If I can achieve this, then next month I should be able to finally level up my Clan to level 2 and unlock Clan Capital Raids, which I really want to do.

Lastly, I fixed a few things on my backend with regard to spare email addresses. Depending on how well this Clan Games goes, I may start up three more accounts. But I think those might be purely F2P as support accounts and that I’ll play slowly. As long as I can get them to TH6 in a timely fashion, I should be able to get even more rewards, although they may not get to the Tier 5 rewards for a while. Nonetheless, it is nice to dream, right?


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