Clash of Clans: Clan Games Coming in Less Than 2 Days

Another round of Clan Games is coming up in less than two days. While I’m sure I won’t be able to upgrade my 4th and 5th accounts to TH8 in the next few days, I might try to rush them by the end of this weekend that way I can have enough fire power to meet some of the anticipated challenges.

Right now, the main grind I’m working on for my two TH7s is pushing my Barbarian King to level 5. At TH7, the amount of Dark Elixir can be strenuous and the way I’ve been grinding that part is through the season journey perks and daily bonuses. Also, I’m trying to push my Barracks and main troops in my Lab. I do mix up some defense in there like the Air Sweeper, the Air Defense, etc. as well as resource storage units. But once I have enough of a foundation, I don’t see any point of sticking around at TH7

Looking back a bit, I do think I should have purchased the 5th Builder earlier just because those few extra days in TH6 probably ended up hurting me. Now, my TH8 is rocketing pretty fast through the current level. I might even finish up enough season challenges for the full rewards. If I can nail those, then I might just pick up the Season Pass to collect the other rewards. But I think it’s too late since we’re pretty late into the current season.

However, that’s why I want to get my TH8 into TH9 early next month. I have a feeling that the journey through TH9 is going to be rough as the bulk of TH9 will be upgrading ones heroes. Because of that, I think securing the full season bank and enabling the reductions to cost will be immensely useful. I don’t believe that upgrading every little defense is going to make a huge difference but the main goal is to race to TH11 where I’ll probably park for a while. TH11 is where I think I had the most fun. If I had my siege weapons back then for my first account, getting through TH11 would have gone much smoother.

Regardless, I really want to be able to get closer to enabling the Clan Capital. I feel every time I collect Capital Gold, I’m wasting it. It’s probably all going to the ether much like Dark Elixir before TH7. Also, if I can push harder and faster, I hope to be able to get into Clan Wars. I tried the other night and gave up after waiting around. However, I learned that you don’t need to have your device on all the time it seems. Just hitting the Matchmaking search function, you can still “Return Home” and let it function in the background.

For now though I think with Clan Games coming up soon, I’d prefer to focus on that aspect and my lesser accounts rather than Clan Wars. Depending on how much XP I can accumulate for this round of Clan Games, I might push Clan Wars early next season. That way, I can also get the Clan War season achievement that appears at the beginning of every season and gives one a slick 200 challenge points.

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