Clash of Clans: Another TH7 and Started TH8

Since I managed to accumulate enough resources, I figured that it was time to rush to TH8 on my 3rd account. It really made no sense sticking around TH7 when I knew that I could be running over TH8 and lower if I found bad base layouts. So I pushed my TH7 up and am working on my Dragon army. I already had one easy victory. Now, the first trick is to accumulate enough resources to push my 4th Barracks up to level 9 so that training Dragons won’t take too long. I would have to pick up the season pass otherwise to reduce the cost but I think at this stage, it’s not really worth it. Or at least not worth it with my income.

Unfortunately, I also had to make.a few cheap purchases so I could push certain buildings ahead. But I think that part was worth the money because it helps set the stage for the next round of attacks as I grind through TH8. I think I might stick around at TH8 for a little while because this is where I feel your power is at a sufficient level to start beating up a variety of bases while getting decent loot. TH7 gives you a few interesting troops like Dragons and Hog Riders but a lot of the time, you’re struggling trying to find easy bases to pick off because you just don’t have the right ammo. With TH8 though the biggest bonus to me is the Clan Castle upgrade. With that upgrade, I can get a major donation with the Lightning Spell and Dragon. Yes, you can get a higher level Dragon at the previous Town Hall too but your Lightning spells hit like a wet noodle still.

At TH8, the biggest problem I’m seeing is the upgrade times. So I don’t think I will be able to get to TH9 that quickly. It might take me at least 2-3 weeks with my Builders being busy. The Archer Queen will become.a great get once you hit TH9 but I feel she doesn’t feel powerful for a while. Also, you’re going to be competing more for Dark Elixir at that level initially. Because of that, I intend to stick to TH8 and ensure that my Barbarian King and Lab are mostly upgraded by the time I’m ready to move on.

The other cool thing was moving my 5th account into TH7. That one I feel will become a struggle. I managed to get some basic buildings down except the Barbarian King. I did set one up for my 4th account but that was easy since I saved my 4x star bonus for the Dark Elixir reward. The hard part becomes farming Dark Elixir at this level since you start seeing much more higher level bases that will decimate you. That’s a huge reason why I don’t think I’ll stay for long on any of my accounts at this stage. It just will be better to rush to TH8 once I get my main upgrades completed.

In addition, I have been playing a little bit of the Builder Base on the side. Really hate that aspect of the game. But where I’m at is BH3 where everything sucks ass. But I managed to find a reasonable combo that works depending on the base layout. You need one camp full of Raged Barbarian and two camps of Beta Minions. If the Air Defense is in the open, you send your Raged Barbarians to try and take it out. If you’re lucky, you should be able to get it as long as there’s no additional defenses nearby. Then you send in slowly your Beta Minions to take out the Crusher. That leaves the Archer Tower and Tesla for your Beta Minions to worry about. If the Tesla is within attacking range, it’s better to send the rest against it because the Tesla can wipe out the remaining Beta Minions. The Archer Tower is something you want to deal with too because it can snipe off your Beta Minions. The rest of the camp won’t matter as nothing else can wipe your troops out. But again it all depends on the base layout.

At any rate, the rest of today should be interesting to see what else I am able to upgrade. I still have my Rune of Gold that I’m avoiding to use as I want to get my Gold storage units across accounts to the point where it’ll be worth using. But there’s simply not enough to really make it worth using outside of Walls. And most likely, I’ll be using my Season Bank for that part.

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