Clash of Clans: Moved Up Another TH7

With almost nothing else but resource collectors and Walls to upgrade, I decided to push another upgrade to TH7. I predict this will be a tough level to get through just based on my 3rd account’s experience especially when it comes to grinding out the current season rewards and Dark Elixir. But I will say that I have a pretty good working strategy in place with getting the Dark Barracks upgraded to level 2 so that I can begin to use Hog Riders as I have been doing on my other Town Hall. But the main focus for the next day or so is to get enough Dark Elixir to grab the Barbarian King.

On my TH7, I’m probably a day or two out from trying to push to TH8. I don’t want to linger too long in TH7 because of the more reliable attack strategy of Dragons in TH8. Also, since I’m setting my eyes on the 20k Dark Elixir season reward (which might be tough to get on this account), I don’t want to have excess Dark Elixir overflowing from my resource storage just because I’m still upgrading Walls or lame defenses. I did get secure the main upgrades which were the Barbarian King for level 5 and the Hog Riders for level 2. Right now, I’m trying to push at least three Barracks to level 9 so that I have Dragons prepared for usage at TH8. At the same time, I need to save up enough Elixir for the Clan Castle and Dark Spell Factory upgrades that I need the moment I finish up the TH8. That way, I can begin donating at least 1 Lightning Spell from my highest account and fill up the other seven slots with 7 more Lightning Spells. Once I have those things, I should be able to decimate my enemies.

Then I need to just finish up what I have with my TH6 so that I have three TH7+ before the season/month ends. Given that the majority of my main things are upgraded on my 5th account, I think I should be able to get that last upgrade tomorrow sometime. That should give me roughly two weeks to get to TH8, including factoring in time for Clan Games.

Already, my main two accounts have completed their season perks and are just waiting at this stage for next season while sitting around waiting for my Builders to complete. While my TH12 closes in upgrading all the main stuff, my TH13 continues to take forever. But I’ve stopped trying to push my TH13 much harder anymore as there’s just too much to deal with at this stage and the time requirements make pushing into TH14 most likely a year away (unless the rumored TH15 reduces the cost/wait times of everything below TH14).

Either way, I feel I have hope in managing to get my lower accounts to TH8 before the end of the month. At least, I want them to participate at a reasonable level in Clan Games this month. I think if they can hit TH8, they might have a chance of getting enough points for another reward tier and the invaluable Clan XP. Looking at the Raid Medal rewards, I know I’m just missing out on being able to collect decent loot for a while which is hindering my progress badly. Also, I’m hoping that if I can rush my bases a little into TH8 that the time to find clans for Clan Wars will be reduced. I might eventually have to just hook my phone into my wall to be charged so that I can leave it on while matchmaking.

But this just makes me wish that Supercell opened up the Clan Capital to all Clans not just level 2 and above. I wonder if they realize that they are deliberately hurting small clans with low activity in their schemes. Or at least provide more ways for low level clans to gain experience.

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